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Convincing fiance

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How in the world do I convince my fiance that a third cat is a good idea. I'm getting one reguardless of what he says, and he knows that, but still. I kinda want his permission. He didn't want the first cat, and then I got another. Now the third one is going to be hard to get. Help me
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AlloWeyo; You tell him that three are no more trouble than two and no more expensive; because all cat food comes in quantities that divide easily by three!!!

And then, if he buys that; You remind him that the Love and Fun will now be tripled!!!!

That it is "easier for 3 cats to entertain themselves. . . . .

And when all else fails simply remind him That if he ever wants sex again in this century; letting you get the THIRD CAT is defintely the best way to go.
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Sex and/or tears...the ultimate female weapons...
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I would just bring him/her home. Who's place is it anyway -- the cats and they want another playmate. The last time I brought one home was coming home from a show in the same carrier and then three days later, my husband asked when and where did the new one come from and how long has she been here. He could not believe he heard no complaining in the carrier when he picked me up at the airport.

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if he really loves you, now is the time to introduce kitty #3!!

Don't wait till after you are married (like me) and they have already set the ground rules!!!

Let us know how it goes!!!!!!!!
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When you bring the new kitten home, carry it over to fiancee and place it in his lap. Works every time for me, when hubby says "NO MORE CATS!" :LOL:
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I totally agree Hissy!!!!!!
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I don't know yours or his thoughts on having children, but if hes anything like my husband tell him you're feeling broody and he'll buy you two cats!! (hes not keen on the idea of kids, and nor am I but it still works!). Other than that, show him as many pictures of cute fluffy little kittens and tell him he can name it and it can be "his" special little boy but you'll do all the cleaning up after it! (obviously it'll really be your cat and you'll probably "help" name it- but this always works well for me!)

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That's a good idea!! Between the real baby and a kitten...my hubby would most definately go for the kitten!!! :laughing:
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