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You're on Candid Camera!

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All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.

Dang! She found me!

Dang! She found me again! How does she do that?
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LOL--Wonderful pics!
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Great pics!! I love them all, but the first just cracked me up.
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LOL What great pics
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OMG! I just about spit my water all over my monitor when I seen the first pic! That "smile" is just too much! You should send that one to Anne for the Caption Forum.
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i agree with u shell..i nearly spit my water too....
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cute cute cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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That first picture is priceless!!! You have adorable cats!
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OMG that first picture is so cute All of your purrbabies are adorable
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the first pic is such a cute expression!
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OMG how cute! Especially like the first and third!
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Too cute!
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Adorable pics!
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That first one of Duffy is a scream, isn't it? I took a lot of pictures yesterday, and these 3 were the only ones that were worth sharing. I wish the "Smiling Duffy" pic wouldn't have been shot through the screen though. Oh well, better luck next time.
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OMG what adorable photos. That smiley face warmed my heart! Thanks so much for sharing!
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That second pic is a work of art - what a candid moment! What darlin babies!
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That last picture is so artsy, it belongs in a calendar or a cat pictorial. Ok, maybe artsy is the wrong word.... I loved it, the composition is perfect.

I'm still clicking back once in a while to see the first pic and get a big laugh.
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