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He actually let me clip his claws

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Well, at least 4 of them....and that is quite an honor to have accomplished that! I tell ya, Rocky will NEVER let me clip them..he is so stubborn about it, and usually I have to take him to the vet to have it done....he was deep sleeping while I did it, and after that 4th one, and then I went on to try the 5th, he lifted his head up with a ":censor::censor::censor: are you doing"? on his face and that was it....maybe I will try again later to do the rest....
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Good job! Sounds like my scenario with Zoey
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I get that :censor::censor::censor: look constantly!!
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I've finally figured out how to lure Roo's attention away from my face while I clip his nails!

I put a piece of kitty treat on the comp. desk, let him SNIFF it, bring him back and clip as many nails as I can while he's looking at the treat, then when he realizes he's not going to get it and comes for me, I put him in smelling range of the treat again. Doing this over and over again allows me to clip his nails.

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Yea!!! You're moving up in his eyes!
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i can never clip their nails.... always have to get the vet to do it....
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The :censor::censor::censor: sounds like the looks that Sammycat gives me at times when I just pick up the clippers for his nail trims
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So that's what you call that LOOK! ROFL! I've gotten alot of those and now I know what to call them, thanks! Clipping is different for different cats in my brood. Most of them get plopped on their bottoms in my lap, back to my stomach. Then, each teeny toe gets gently squeezed and out pops the offending dagger and snip its gone. One of my boys has to be on his favorite bed and he gives me his paw as tho I were his manicurist. Chrissie, on the other hand, gets wrapped up like a burrito is a small blankie and I gingerly pry one leg out at a time, all the time muffling her growls and nasty faces in the blanket. Somehow she doesn't suffocate, and ultimately I win. They are so funny.
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