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3 Year old beaten

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My husband come home last night from duty very mad and upsaid . He had to go to a case where a man took his 2 children 1 and 3 years old ,home for a weekend visit . This man is divorced from his wife . So when the mother picked up her children , the girlfriend of ex said I want to show you something so you wont freak out at home . The girlfriend show the mother of the 3 year old his back and said that the boy has #1 fallen down the stairs and #2 while sitting him on the toilet he fell inside the toilet and got hurt . That's why he was brused(sp) . The mother went home , she live by her mother ( grandmother of children ) . So both woman look at the boys back and behind and see that that was a lie from the girlfriend . So they call 911 and my husband got the call .My husband said that the boy had not only very bad bruses on his back , he also had a bad mark where his skin was broke . And you also were able to see that the boy was chocket (sp) with a hand on his throat. My husband and a Detective went to the dad of the 2 children to talk to him . So the dad said that the 3 year old were pooping in the pans 7 times and not in the toilet and he only give him a spanking . So for right now he had to go to the police this afternoon for more question's and for his arrest . I don't know what is going to happen , but at least the S**#* is behind bars . A 3 year old , how sad that is . My son was 4 till he finaly was using no more diapers . I am just big time . I know my husband has a hard time with cases like that and don't sleep good in the night .
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What is wrong with people?!?
If the poor kid is pooping 7 times in his pants, he might also not be feeling well (maybe stressed out about the strickt father!), and the fathers reactions are not going to make him feel better.
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I hope they hang the SOB!!
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Hopefully I will find out more today . I will keep you posted
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Is your hubby a social worker or a cop? My mum is a social worker and sees a lot of cases like that - its very hard on her also. My heart goes out to your hubby for having to see that.
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My husband is a cop Kiwideus
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Heidi, my heart goes out to your husband for having to deal with things like this! Those poor kids! I'm glad that he can be strong & stick with it...police really aren't appreciated as much as they should be for the good things that they do, and the sacrifices they make.
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Thank you tuxedo , you so right with that . There is a lot of fam. violence here where my husband try to help . Or other things . Like one time there was a young couple with a 3 month old sleeping in a car at 1 am . My husband pay for them a hotelroom for the night so they are safe .People don't see those things and only see when they are arested . By the way : that Dad with the 3 year old did not see that he did any thing wrong beating his son . But he is in jail now and that is great . He can stay there for ever .
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I hope he is in jail with guys who are miserable because they are missing their kids. When they find out what he is in for, he's in for it.
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Mom of 10 , he is waiting on a hearing from the judge .
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I hope the judge has kids, and is appalled by what this guy did to his child.
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Mom of 10 , yes the judge is married and has children . The Police made pictures of the child , so he cant lie on cord date . Also my husband and the Detective will be a wittnes and testify . I cant wait to the out come for that SOB .
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The mother should go to the lawyer and get the visitation changed to supervised only. He should also have to take an anger management class, parenting classes and child development classes. His ignorance in inexcusable as tnese classes are usually free.
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I think the girlfriend also, she wouldn't have felt obligated to lie to the mother. She should be on trial. Those poor kids, the poor boy, how this will affect him mentally.
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DragonLady I agree he need therapy . I don't have any kind words for the girlfriend myself . How dare she lie to the mother , I hope she never get any children from that man or they may end up like that little boy .No news about that case .... I will keep posting any news about that SOB be sure .
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