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getting remarried - pt2

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She has agreed that it would be nice to get remarried - as I love my airplanes, I thought about 30 different airfields - in the UK or the USA as hope to visit next year all being well. Get remarried, fly for an hour- few beers and fly again later. I thought nothing could be more romantic than the sound of jets and burning keroscene, flying the models as well - she has different ideas to me though.

She thought of Niagara falls - I dont wanna go there - been there - got the T shirt, not bothered about going back.

I guess, when we do it - it will though be in Niagara or in St ives in cornwall - its paradise down there and I have some stunning photos of the place from our vacation in june this year.

Oh well - at least she did not turn me down - thankfully - she did not the first time either - I proposed at 4.00am, on the side of a motorway going to London to look at an alarm system. We had only met three weeks earlier - one fast romance huh? we Yorkshire folk dont hang about!!!

So where did you get engaged ???

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Yeah Kev! Cool!!!!!!
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Cornwall eh? My poppa is from Cornwall!

I never got engaged, hubby and I eloped

But when I go back home to kiwiland, I want the proper ceremony
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[quote]Originally posted by Kiwideus
[b]Cornwall eh? My poppa is from Cornwall!

Which part and i will reply tomorrow - I really have to go to bed!!!

Cornwall is stunning - look up www.cornwallcam.com as i do daily and you can show him daily photos of home!!!

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I am asking my mum and I will let you know once I find out

Thanks for the link, I hope to visit someday, it indeed is beautiful!
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I got engaged in a middle eastern grocery store. Our good friend that introduced us owned the store.
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Kev - mum replied and said that poppa hails from South Milton - but I am not sure if thats Cornwall or Devon? Perhaps you can elaborate?
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We got engaged at the jewelry store.

Actually, he proposed right after I had come home from a 2 week vacation. I was exhausted and he totally hit me by surprise. I told him I'd think about it (not what he wanted to hear!! ) I ended up saying yes, but then we broke off the engagement because I just didn't feel the timing was right. Over a year later he decided to start looking at rings again, and wanted me to come along to get an idea of what I liked. Well, we found *the* ring, on clearance as a discontinued style. So we just *had* to get it! LOL After we paid for it, I looked at Earl and said "Well, I guess we're engaged then huh?"

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Got engaged over the phone. He was in San Diego and I was in Chicago. On my first visit to SD after that he gave me the ring as we left the airport. I was flabbergasted! It was so gorgeous! It's a Marquis cut emerald and it's huge and fairly clear.
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I got engaged not that long ago at our home we share together. We finally tied the knot on Oct 19 2002. Gee I am still a newlywed I can honestly say that I walked around in shock for two days after he proposed to me. But of course I said yes and it has been wonderful.

The thing I had to ask myself before that walk down the aisle was "Can I see myself growing old with him?" "Oh Yeah!"
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That's great Kevin!

My husband proposed by hiding my ring in an Easter egg and sending me on a hunt in his parent's home. He'd put gift certificates (The Gap, Starbucks, etc.) in the other eggs so I would have no idea he was doing anything like that.
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We only got engaged in 2001 (married last year). We were in a shopping centre, and as we walked past a jewellery shop, Mart just said "well, what ring would you like then?"

Not the most romantic place/words, but it was a lovely surprise and he didn't want to risk getting a ring I wouldn't like so he wanted me to choose it myself.
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Yeah, when hubby proposed it was more like, "So when are we gonna do it?" I replied with an ultimatum, "Accept my cats." That took about a year. Then when he told me he was a little unsure about it, but that he could accept my cats I told him yes.
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That sounds sweet Kev - if you go to Niagara I can come and watch the ceremony - it is 1hr away from me.

Hubby and I had talked about marriage and even looked at rings together. Unbenounced to me he had purchased the ring and brougnt me still to look at rings (dangerous as I actually found 1 I liked better). The store clerk he bought it from tried to convince me that I wanted the ring I like for 3 months (she was right - I love the ring). He actually proposed on Christmas day. We were at my parents house (they were at my grandparents). We had just finished celebrating Christmas with his family and he bought me many presents and I wasn't expecting anything else. We were sitting with dimmed lights with the tree lights on and next thing I know he was down on one knee. I responded with an "Oh no!" as I wasn't expecting the proposal until Valentine's day - I actually said that before he asked me. Of course after he asked me I said of course and we went to immediately share the news with family. It was very romantic.
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Ady - mine was quite similar. We'd talked about it in abstract terms, and hubbs knew there was a particular antique diamond ring I had fallen in love with.

Being of Eastern European extraction, we do Christmas on Christmas Eve (as well as Christmas Day for the English side of the family).

We were at my parent's house and got to present giving time after dinner. All the presents had been given out and opened, and hubbs produced a small package out of his pocket, and said and this is a special present, but you have to answer 'Yes' before I hand it over.

I was so overjoyed, and did my usual bawling my eyes out trick.

It was especially poignant, as sadly my Dad died just over a month after that day.

Kev - mark your special day with something romantic and extravagant that will hold special memories and thoughts for the both of you . . . good luck, and let us know what your finally decide. You never know, if you decide to hold it in the UK, you may get the UK posse of the Cat Site turning up to cheer you on and hurl rice
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I am on my 2nd marriage, hubby proposed to me on Valentines Day...twice!
The first time was while he was in his underwear after a shower to get ready for our dinner date...then when we got to the Theatre restaurant (one that celebrated DIVORCES as it theme!!!LOL) he organised with the MC to have us asked up on stage...In front of EVERYONE...and proposed to me in front of them ALL!!
That was Valentines Day 1998...married June 20th 1998, with my Blue/white Border Collie being the ring bearer for us!
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