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hello!new here and loooove cats!!!!!worried about my cat

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hello.i'm happy to find this place.i've grown up with cats and love all cats!i'm sort of worried about my cat,coffee.she's a little over 1 year.i've left her at home on weekends before but this weekend when i went to my mom's for 1 night(w/out my husband,so someone was with her)i came home and fed and watered her and she didn't eat.i know my cat and she eats everytime i put food down esp. when she hadn't had anything that day.instead she ripped into some crackers the next morning like she was starving.i checked her food and water she hadn't touched it but when i held the bowl up to her,on the counter, she ate some.so, i sat it down and she turned her nose up at it.she's an indoor/outdoor cat(due to us fixing a floor in the last trailer).i also think a dog(not mine)attempted to get her due to scrapes that are look like mouth marks.she's also staying in more than usual(which i don't mind,but it's not like her)and meowing more and jumping on me more(that i don't mind either)please any help or advice would be so very helpful.it's now been 3 days since she's really eaten and we don't have much mioney so right now the vet is out of the question.thanks.
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she NEEDS To go to the vet. She if you vet will do a payment plan. Is she fixed and up to date on her shots? How long ago did she get those marks? Are they puffy? Do they look like they are infected? Please make sure to get kitty into the vet ASAP.
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She needs to be seen by a vet and quickly. 3 days and not eating opens her up to health issues such as fatty liver disease. I understand that money is an issue, but she needs a vet to look at her and determine why she is not eating. It could be she has an infection from those bite wounds (or mouth marks as you put it) and she needs antibiotics and a VET! Don't mess around with this, get her to a vet NOW!
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Can you call your vet to tell them what's going on & see if they can set you up with a payment plan? Or try calling your local shelter to see if they can perhaps refer you to a low-cost vet?
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I think her jumping on you and staying in means she is trying to tell you that something is wrong with her. I hope you can find a vet or low cost clinic.
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It does sounds like there is something wrong. Maybe you could do a search for low cost vet care in your area?
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thank all of you for advice and caring.she started eating again lastnight.i also bathed her and put ointment on her.vet said as long as she drinks some water not to worry unless she continues not to eat for a few more days and since she did start eating she's ok.i think when i go to my mom's for 1 whole week i'll take her.i believe she was mad at me for leaving her.i've had her since she was 4 weeks old and she's not used to me leaving unless my husband goes.maybe she thought something was wrong with 1 of us gone and 1 not.again thank all of you.
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