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Should I take my cat with me on a weekend vaca?

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Hi all,

First post! Glad to be here, seems like there is alot of good info on this forum.

So... I have a cat (Isis), she's 8 years old and she's awesome. 1 month ago I moved into a new apartment and she was lil freaked out for the first few days (meowing constantly), but then she got used to it.

This weekend I am going to my mom's house on Martha's Vineyard.

Basically, my two options with Isis are to take her with me, or to leave her in the apartment and get the neighbor to feed her twice a day.

So... do you think she would be more agitated in a new home with me for 2 days or in a relatively new apartment by herself for 2 days?

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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I would NOT take Isis for a weekend trip. If you have someone to stop by and feed her and scoop the litterbox a time or two, there's no need to stress her out by taking her away from home.
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Isis will be fine by herself for a few nights, as long as you have a trusted neighbor or friend coming in daily to clean the box and make sure she has food.

I've left my cats alone for a few days before with a coworker coming in, and often over night without anyone coming in.
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Hi there,

I would also advise leaving your cat at home for the weekend and having a trusted person come and feed her (and hopefully pet her : ). My gut feeling is that a weekend trip would only stress your kitty. I think she will be much happier staying in the apartment, which must now be fairly familiar to her, and being able to nap, strech, sniff, play etc. in all her usual spots.

When my husband and I go away for anything from 1 - 5 nights, we let our cat 'house sit' for us, and have someone come feed and water her. She has indoor/outdoor access and is always happy and fine when we return. If we go away longer than that, we put her in a trusted kitty hotel (as I like to call it), mainly because there are some bully cats in our neighbourhood and we'd hate for our baby to get a wound and have it get infected, with us not around to care for her.

Have a good weekend
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PS. Just a quick thought....if it was me leaving my cat in an apartment with no outdoor access for the cat, I'd leave her cat cage/carrier handy and show it to the person who has agreed to feed her, so that they can attempt a rescue in the event of a building fire.
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