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i made my decision

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ON Wednesday night, I decided against getting Chester, the bengal, or getting an F2 kitten. I realized it was more of an impulse buy. We don't have the money right now, because at work, we had to take 3 weeks off, 1 1/2 of those weeks being unpaid Also, the more I thought about it, the more I thought it was wrong. We wanted to wait to get Gizmo neutured, which he is going in 2 weeks from yesterday, after I caughthim what looked like him trying to "do" Tigger So, I emailed the breeder, and she was understanding. I told her I would most likely contact her again by the end of the year, and she said whenver I am ready, to contact her. Plus, the benefit of that is that when she has kittens, they will be 8 weeks old, which is what I prefer. Gizmo has turned out to be quite the little man Especially, since he was so young when we brought him home (or I should say me!!! :tounge2: ), compared to Tigger, she was 14 weeks.
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i'm glad you have made a decision you feel comfortable with Tigger,
and you know you can come back to this breeder in later months, when you are ready.

also, let me add, i love your signature attachment! how precious!
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You have followed you heart tigger....that is all that matters!
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Smart thinking! There will always be billions of cats needing homes, even purebreds. Besides, kittenhood is the best part. ALL kittens are so cute!! They aren't aloof or trying to keep their dignity. They are so clumsy!! There will be plenty of time to get another one!!
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