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One of my kittens is BORING

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Ok we got 2 kittens, they are around 7weeks now.

One of them is Huge compared to the other. The bigger kitten is very very active, playful etc. Runs full speed around the house, jumps everywhere, bites shoe laces, etc.

The smaller one is well, Boring. He loves to fight for food. But other than that, he will play boring and just want to sleep. By play boring i mean he'll swing his paw real slow at something like he wants to play but then he just sits down and falls asleep.

When the bigger kitten starts a playful fight, the other little one just sits there while bigger kitten murders him in a playful way. The small one doesnt fight back or anything.

The small one is also a little cry baby. He's always meowing for someone or something. Cant be by himself cuz he'll start crying.

Do they just have a different personality?

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I would take your BORING kitten to the vet and quickly. The symptoms you describe could be anemia and that is life-threatening. If the kittens have fleas, and they are too young to be flea treated, those fleas can zap the life right out of them. They are way to young to be away from mom- but the little one does need to see a vet.

I would also take them off dry food and put them on canned and dry mixed. He may not be getting all the nutrients and liquids he needs right now on dry only. Not to mention, what is shown there is a awful lot of food for a small kitten.
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Every cat is going to have his/her own personality. Maybe the smaller kitten was taken away from its mother to early and therefore has not been properly socialized. Or the kitten was the runt of the litter and therefore is more fearful and in need of more attention?

Have you taken the kittens to a vet? Maybe there is a medical reason why the kitten is so tired and less social?
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The tabby kitten is so small! He looks like he is to young to be away from his mother. Please take him to the vet!
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WOW fast replies.

I wouldnt say he's always TIRED. He just likes to climb your pants and sit down on your lap. Or if anyone in my family is laying down he likes to climb up their stomach and sit down.

They have already been to the vet. They dont have fleas and he said they were both fine and the smaller one is probably just the runt of the litter.

I have some Nutri-Cal here I can give the little one. Should I give him a small dab each day?
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Oh and that food is some baby cat food. Its suppost to be for kittens UP TO 4months old. Its very very soft dry. Easily breakable. They have no PROblEMS eating it.
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I know BabyCat well but that is still a lot of food for tiny stomachs. I would set out a little of the dry food every day, but I would also give them a can of wet food (about a tablespoon at a time) 6 times a day for awhile. They are at the age where they would still be nursing mom in between sampling her food.
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Just to be safe PLEASE take your kitten to the vet.
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Wow that is a little guy! They sure are making a mess

I would probly take the advice of giving them wet food as well.. and plenty of fresh water. Keep a close eye on the little guy. When was the last vet visit?
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I know cats come in all shapes and sizes just like us humans do.....she said they have already been to the vet and the vet said they were fine, but I do agree...give them so wet food...that is like a steroid for them, and will help them keep weight on them like they need...Good Luck! Keep us posted!
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You have some great suggestions here.
My little Donny was very clingy at 7 weeks. He shouldn't have been dumped. He just needed more love. Now he is a very active 8 month old. And he doesn't seem interested in laps any more. So kittens change and grow just like people do.
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I would take in stool samples from both kitties and have them tested for worms. Sometimes it doesn't show up with the first test. I would worry about the slowness. It is scarey when they are so small. I would get some KMR as well. It can be added to his food and is easier to digest.
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I dont think anything is wrong with him. I just think he's different. Last night I saw him play like a normal kitten by himself. I think right now he's just shy. He'll watch his big brother play and do things, then he'll copy what his brother does. I just think he's coming around a little late.

I will be getting some moise or canned food as suggested.
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Yeah it takes time for kittens/cats to adjust to being in a new place with new owners/slaves

When I adopted Zebra at 9 months old- she was sooo playful when I saw her in her cage so I thought she'd be like that at home. Well, when I brought her home, she HID for 3 days before finally accepting me. She was VERY VERY shy at first and NONE of my friends could see her (she'd hide till they leave) but now she is starting to come out more. I about passed out the other day when I saw her coming out to see Steve a friend of mine!! For Zebra, that took over TWO years for her to become less shy and I've seen her change (personality) so I guess it was part of her "growing up"! Jeez!

Also, when I adopted Buddy and Spike (brothers) at 3 weeks old- they both were VERY affectionate and always insisted on being held or be on my lap. Both tore my legs to pieces because they both were always climbing my legs to get to be held or sit on my back. Now they are over 1 1/2 yrs old now and Spike now HATES to be held and will only jump up on my lap if I'm on the toilet (DON"T ASK ME WHY! ) while Buddy continues sleeping on my lap and jumping up on my shoulder to sit on. The point is that kittens will change as they grow and their personalities will become more strong so who knows- your "boring" kitten might become the most exciting of all! Sometimes I long for a "boring/quiet" cat cuz often all 4 cats will be chasing each other all over my apt and I'd have to be careful of what I was holding/eating cuz sometimes they'd jump on me and make me spill things as they chase each other! I wouldn't trade them for any other cats though.
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Exactly, Thats why I picked this little guy and his brother, When I went to see them, the SMALLER one was actually the tough buy in the litter, he was beating up on his brothers etc. So I picked him. NOw he's the opposite. He just needs to adapt etc.
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I just now saw this thread. I agree with the others, if you haven't already done this, you should take both kittens to the vet ASAP just to make sure they're healthy. It's always better to be safe than sorry!!!
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I dont know what it was, but from one day to the next, the little guy just got a boost of energy, excitement etc. He is VERY PLAYFUL now, Sleeps on his side laying down stretched out(he never did this before, he would sleep on all four legs kneeling down sort of). He now fights with his brother, almost wins and is just a very very different kitten now. He also grew a BUNCH!! as did his brother.
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LOL I have 2 kittens and it is fun to watch their growth spurts. They are usually the opposite weeks from each other (Muddy grows a half pound in a week then it's Koko's turn for the next week). I've noticed that they sometimes get subdued at the start of their spurts, like they are growing too fast and their bones are achey. They then get whacky for a while, then subdued again.

There is an interesting book called "Supercat - Raising the Perfect Feline Companion" by Dr. Michael W. Fox (published in 1990, so a little dated). It covers a lot of cat behavior, and what you can do to do judge your cats temperament, and adjust yourself to bring out the best in your cat. I thought of this book when I read your post, as it has info on how to judge temperament as a kitten.
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