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recommend a good quality/tasty canned food?

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My guys are real fussy when it comes to canned food. I want to start making it a part of all of my cat's diet.

Also, I want to feed canned food since my Peanut has been put on Buspar for anxiety/ behavioral issues. If you want further explanation on Peanut let me know.

Anyway, I can give the pill to Peanut without having to cram it down his throat by mixing it in canned food. But, the only one thus far he will accept is 9 lives super supper and salmon varieties. I don't really want to give this to him as it seems like "junk" food to me. He won't eat Iam's or Science diet canned.

Any suggestions on a regular good quality food, and one that tastes real good to cats that I can feed on a daily basis?

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Ours gobble up Nutro canned food. Then again, they gobble up anything remotely edible that is put in front of them!
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my guys like nutro. They also like fancy feast (white fish). If they are really really picky and you are just giving them alittle to take a pill you might be able to get some hill's a/d from your vet. That food is really tasty and even cats that won't eat will normally eat that.
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My kitties love Nutro wet food the best! They like Savory Hunter's Stew with Duck. Fancy Feast Cod, Sole and Shrimp is another one of their favorites!
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Thanks, I wrote all that down! I'm going to the pet store today!
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If all else fails try Sheba ............
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Ok, thanks! I'll probably try getting a variety of foods to narrow down which one they like best. Probably should have mentioned, which ever food I choose should be sort of a "minced" texture. My cats prefer this texture, and it is also easiest to mix a pill into. It is only Peanut who needs a pill daily, but it would be impossible to give him canned food, and not the others! I've been reading that a mix of canned/dry is best for my guys anyhow. My vet says feed only dry food, because wet food can adhere to the teeth increasing plaque/tarter. I guess feeding both wet and dry counters the tarter build up? (dry to increase crunching to remove the tarter?)
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"My vet says feed only dry food, because wet food can adhere to the teeth increasing plaque/tarter."

Actually that's not true. Tartar build-up is as likely to appear with wet foods as well as dry, as it is more of a question of the cat's internal chemistry. Feeding wet food might prove extremely beneficial for your cat's health, as it is closer in texture and moisture content to their natural diet (birds, small rodents). There are studies showing that a diet high in moisture is preventative for urinary tract problems (crystals, etc).
I only feed premium wet foods, with a small addition of dry (I think variety is very good, but wet food counts for 75% of my cats' diet).Premium wet foods are (IMO): Innova, Wellness, Natural Balance, Nutro Complete Care, etc. I've listed only the ones I use, for obvious reasons. Among all, I like Innova the best, bc it is cheaper than Wellness (in my area), has a "minced" texture (Wellness is the same) and my guys just love it.
Innova is produced by Natura (website:
They have a search engine and you can locate a distributor in your area.
Good luck! Wishing well to your furrbabies...

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Most of mine really seem to like Eagle Pack, Innova and Wellness and they go nuts over Active Life. I have 2 cats that don't really care much for canned food and will take a few licks and walk away however, they will always finish their plate of Active Life. Its rather pricey so I don't buy it that often but there are several stores here that carry it. If you can find it in your area it might be worth a try. Their website has a store locator:
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I found a small petshop that sells hollistic/natural products, and they sell Innova and Wellness. They were out of the Innova, so I bought a few of the small 3 oz cans of Wellness. Tonight I gave them a taste of the beef and chicken, and they LOVE it! Since this food has humane grade ingredients, no by-products, or chemical preservatives, is approved by the AAFCO, has a phone # and website address available, & is reasonably priced($.60 per can), I will stick w/ this one I think!
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One question though...although the very first ingredients are meat, I've never seen so many veggies included in a cat food before! They love the food and ate it up like no tomorrow, but could all those veggies cause diarrhea?
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Edited to say : "Great great choice!!"

"Could all those veggies cause diarrhea?"

No, these foods are really balanced to provide the best nutrition for cats. My boys eat nothing but Innova canned+ dry. Occasionally, I give them a can of Wellness (just for a change, but Wellness is more expensive here). They have never had diarrhea since I switched them. However, as with all changes, you have to introduce any new food gradually mixing it with the old. This is true IMO especially for the dry food, if you decide to switch.
My cats were on Eukanuba before I changed to Innova, and I can honestly tell you that everybody noticed a dramatic improvement in coat (much softer, more shiny), plus they don't throw up anymore. Even the vet was amazed of the huge difference the food made with my boys. And I discovered that I used to pay much more for Eukanuba...
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I just recently started giving my cat with IBD Wellness and Innova and he really, really likes it.

His coat is amazing and he's gained weight...something nearly impossible for a cat that has chronic diarreah.

That food is great!
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When Nakita was a kitten, the breeder had her on the Wellness canned and Royal Canin dry food. I currently use the canned Wellness and switch her dry foods so she doesn't get bored every 3/4 months.

Before Wellness, Nakita also loved the new Nutro pouches of wet food.

Happy shopping!

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Wow! Nakita is amazing! What a beautiful cat!

I'm considering changing over to just Wellness or Innova dry and canned, does anyone know how much the dry food runs? I need to buy a larger bag because I have 4 cats!

My cats LOVE LOVE LOVE this food! They didn't even hesitate or sniff the food first. They just dug right in and inhaled the stuff!
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I pay about $25 for a 16.6lb. bag of Innova or $10 for a 6.6lb. bag. Without feeding canned food the large bag lasts about 3wks for my 6 cats. Right now Im feeding dry and canned and a small bag of dry has been lasting about 2wks here. Dry Wellness (in my area) costs about $15 for a 5lb. bag.
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When I walked in the door w/ the bag and put it on the ground, the cats came running and tried to tear it open! I gave them 1/4 of a cup each and they ate it faster then any food I've ever offered them! They do the same thing w/ the Wellness cans. Now, I'll take time to wean them off of the Proplan they are on. Can anyone post their results on their usage of Innova/Wellness?
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Originally posted by kris1114
Can anyone post their results on their usage of Innova/Wellness?
I've used the dry Innova on and off for about 2yrs. My cats all seem to do extremely well on it...nice small poops, soft shiny coats, minimal shedding and hardly ever any hairballs. I've only just started using the Wellness canned again but so far the Innova dry/Wellness,Innova,Eagle Pack canned combination seems to be working quite well here.
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Originally posted by kris1114
Can anyone post their results on their usage of Innova/Wellness?
Micah is now (DAY 1) on Innova wet and a raw diet, as he has IBD. But...he was strictly on Innova wet since July 1st and the change has been amazing!

He has more energy, his coat is silky and shiny and he just seems happier. I'm happier cause I know its the best thing for him.
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Thanks for the replies, that makes me feel better! Peanut has suspected IBD as well. He is underweight and never eats well. But, he LOVES this food(both dry and canned) and WOLFS it down! I have never seen him do this(and I have tried many many foods on him)! This makes me SO happy, as I normally have to follow him around w/ his food and beg him to eat something. In fact, he is now the first one done out of all 4 cats, including the kitten who is stark raving mad over food! Then, he attempts to steal the other cats food! The other 3 cats eat the food better than anything they have been offered in the past as well.

I have never seen such a positive reaction before from all 4 cats, it's amazing! Worth the extra money, about $5 more than what I was spending on the Proplan 16 pound container.
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I'm so happy to hear that!
Please post an update to how they are doing on the new food- I am really interested to find if anybody else notices a dramatic difference after the switch (it takes a few weeks though). This is for a friend that needs more "evidence" in favor of super premium foods. (consumer reports on the manufacturer's website won't do!!! )
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