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Bizarre Remedy For Underarm Odor

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did you know that....

A shot of Botox will not only temporarily erase your facial wrinkles, but also do wonders for your stinky armpits. Reuters reports that German researchers have determined that the botulinum toxin A, more popularly known as Botox, paralyzes sweat glands by interfering with neurotransmitters and relaxing muscles. In other words, if you don't
sweat as much, you don't stink as much.

.in case some one was looking for a good excuse.
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yeah, i read about this. apparently one of the reasons botox parties are becoming popular with brides and their bridemaids prior to their wedding. wouldn't want to sweat during the wedding. :P
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Ummm...I'll pass on that one!
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If I ever had the money I might do that. I get a little (ok more than a little ) sweaty in this Arizona heat. Botox also helps with Migranes, my friend gets Botox shots to help, he says his migraines aren't nearly as bad or as often anymore.
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i heard a while ago that a lot of celebrities did that for awards shows--can u imagine the stress??

but something that works very good, if not AS well, as that is a product called Certain Dri. I am not a certain dri rep or anything, but I sweat and I hate pit stains. This stuff just stops u from sweating. It does however have a higher amt of aluminum in it than other deoderants which is speculated to be related to some diseases, BUT there is no proof, it is a very low lvl and u use it like every 3 days, and what out there ISN't under speculation for being related to some disease? plus it's like $6 at CVS Way cheaper than the botox..
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Anti-persperant is much cheaper! I can't imagine it's good to not sweat at all. Seems like you'd start retaining fluid and become toxic at some point.
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