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Furry Mice

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OK I know many of you say your cats LOVE these things, but I got to thinking: just what kind of fur are those things made out of? I started thinking about some news show a few years ago that did a story of furry figurines that were found to be made in China out of cat fur. While I seriously doubt furry mice are made from cat fur, I don't think I could buy any of those things for my cat without knowing what kind of fur it is. I dunno, maybe I wouldn't want to buy them even if I knew what kind of fur...Any thoughts?
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You just conjured up a very disturbiing image though.

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Unfortunately, the descriptions say they are made from real fur. I was thinking rabbit fur, but you never know... What if it's real mouse fur?
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I never really paid attention to that!

I won't buy them anymore...no matter what kind of fur they are,
it just make me queasy to think an animal died so my cats can play.

My girls prefer anything they shouldn't play with anyway...i.e. my rings, contact lens case, necklaces, taffy pieces (favorites), etc.

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Anyways, I buy the small furry mice and all of our cats love them!! I also buy those ones that are in the shape of a mice, but are braided with thick string (or whatever it is called). You can buy them at Petco.
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the packs of furry mice that I buy are made out of rabbit fur (at least that's what it says on the package). that's why my cats love them. if they could they would stalk rabbits. since they are my cats favorite toys, I'm not going to stop buying them. maybe that makes me a bad person, but I really feel you have to pick your battles, and if I'm not going to make a stand to really a make a difference (getting petitions signed, trying to stop the production of them..etc) then I'm not going to deprive my kitties of their favorite play thing. they have so much fun, that i hate to take them away from them if I'm not going to try & make a difference on a bigger scale.

I could be totally wrong, but I don't think rabbits are dying just to make the little mice with fur. that seems a little wasteful. if they have to die for other reasons then I'm glad thier fur doesn't go to waste. not because I'm a sadist, but because their is nothing worse than an animal being killed for one thing...i.e elephants being killed ONLY for their tusks.

just my 2 cents
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I started thinking about the cat fur/china thing. it's got to be because they eat cat & dog there, so naturally they would try to find a use for thier fur. while it's disgusting, I don't think we'll be able to convince an entire country that their wrong about what they have been eating for hundreds of years. I DO NOT condone it in any way possible, but I know that I'm not going to be able to convince anyone there that it is wrong. it's a cultural difference.
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I don't give Alex (or any of my cats) the furry mice anymore because Alex started eating them. Chewed the tails off, then chewed and swallowed bits of the bodies. Just wanted to warn people that some cats might do that and not to automatically assume the mice are under the fridge or behind the sofa if they go missing. I hate to think what could have happened ifr I didn't see what Alex was doing and stopped him before he created an intestinal blockage.
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Actually, the news story showed a Chinese broker who would pick up cats and put them in bags, where they would then be sold just for their fur, and it was stated that they would kill the cats by banging their heads against a table or a wall or something (not that you can believe everything you hear in the news, but I am just repeating what I saw) I have a problem with that, but I don't have a problem with them EATING dogs and cats (as long as they treat the food animals as humanely as possible). I mean I am sure some people find it disgusting that I eat beef and buy leather products. People gotta eat, and they are going to eat whatever they can if in dire straits. I mean people go on about Chinese eating dog, while millions of unwanted companion animals die in America every year, and their bodies aren't used for anything.

I know people eat rabbit, but I am not sure if it is sold storewide. I've never seen it in the stores. I think rabbits are commercially used for their fur only. But please correct me if I am wrong.

I am by no means trying to stop anyone on this site from purchasing these furry mice, nor do I think anyone who buys them are bad people. This was merely meant to spark a discussion.
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Well here's my two cents....I AIN"T BUYIN' "em after what I just read!!!!! NO WAY!!!
I don't know about you guys...but you can't tell me that doens't make you sick! I'm ready to start boycotting right now and furthermore if there's a petition that's being signed...lead me to it! OR I'll have to make my own. I don't and will never think it's right that an animal should die for my babies entertainment purposes..heck they kill enough on their own!!!! The other day I saved a FROG!!! He was screaming! Never heard anything like it in my life!! Then of course the baby lizards!!! Our cats don't need our help!!!!

Love &
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Boy,,,,this is a really controversial thread! I guess I will of course have to add my two cents worth in here....

If the furry mice at the store amuse your cats...and you have no real proof that they are skins from rabbits or other real mice....then buy them....if these toy mice are by products of a more herendious act of violence against small animals, then don't buy them. The problem is...we as the consumer have no clue. I think it should be made more clear to us what exactly we are purchasing.
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Well now come to think of it, I read an article in Cat Fancy (Nov. 2000 issue, I think) where they had investigated the Chinese for killing cats and using the fur. They saw them being killed numerous ways while the other cats watched in fear knowing they would be next. It broke my heart to read that. They also said that products are being labeled as "rabbit" but doesn't necessarily mean that. They did say, however, that anyone wanting to help could write letters to various stores such as "Hallmark", where the mgrs. maybe don't realize or are misinformed.
It's a shame,too, my Romeo goes bonkers over those mice.
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Please everyone STOP BUYING THOSE MICE!!!!! I know you can't believe everything that you read but isn't enough enough! People are making money off of probably very healthy animals put to death all for the sake of GREED!! Cat Fancy's been around quite a long time and has a reputable background! I don't think they'd lie about such a thing.

I want to thank you Lauren for bringing that up...although HORRID! I for one am going to start writing Pet Chain Supermarkets regarding this crime! Perhaps I'll start a petition! I hope to do that this week! How awful for this to go on!!!!


Hope ya'll do the right thing...

Love &
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I think it should be very easy to prove if they are using cat fur and labeling it as rabbit. I bet you could take it to a lab and they can check.

I just try to avoid everything made in China and I have written to the Chinese embassy telling them that.

I don't mind that they eat dogs and cats, in the sense that I don't think eating cows and sheep is much better. But the way they do it is far too cruel. Don't read on if you don't want to read about animal cruelty. They torture the poor animals in the most unspeakable ways before killing them. With dogs, they actually beat the dogs to death as they claim the adrenalin makes the meat taste better. Cats and dogs are often skinned alive so the fur won't be damages. They are raised in the most horrible conditions imaginable until they reach the age they are killed (usually not before 1 year old). They put dozens of kittens in tiny cages and hang the cages in the air so that all the poo and pee goes out. They never ever let those kitties out of the cage at all. They are hanging like this all their miserable lives, often in hot market places and many die of the heat and stress.

Here are some links:






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My cats have tons of those mice that were bought a long time ago. They love them. Once they are mangled, I toss them out. I don't know how or where they are made and don't want to know. But I will also never buy them again. I'm not about to get on a soapbox as Catarina has and start petitions or write letters. The bottom line is it is your choice. Either buy them or don't, it's as simple as that. You can't save the world.

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Not sure if I wanna puke or cry...

My girls have 1 fur toy, its a large spider, and is said to be made of Synthetic fur...but now I wonder?:confused3
It was made in Mexico, and I've seen firsthand how dogs and cats are treated there, at least in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo, dogs are mangy, homeless and full of ticks, cats fare a little better, but still are not given the respect they deserve.

Looks like I'll be going to the fabric store for our next toys...

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Anne.....your post about the cruelty of the cats and dogs over in China just made me sick!!! I am glad you posted it, though, as people need to be aware of these things!! Those POOR animals!!! And skinning them alive or beating them to death is just beyond horrible!!!!!!!!!!
I feel so bad for the tiny kitties that never get out of their cages, and never know what it feels like to be loved by a human, only hurt by one. How very, very, sad.
I won't be buying an furry mice now, but I wish there was something we could do about the inhumane treatment of these poor animals before they are killed. If they must eat them, then they should be treated well before they are killed, and killed in a painless fast way. I just don't think God meant for us to eat dogs and cats, period. They were for companionship. But I also realize many of you feel the same way about pigs, sheep, and cows, and I do eat them....we even raise pigs and cows on our farm (they are my brothers) for the soul purpose of selling them for their meat, and we have them butchered. But they are treated and fed very well, and then killed in a non-torturous way....as kindly as possible. I even feel bad about this, too, but I do feel God put some animals on the earth for the soul purpose of feeding and clothing us....and back in the bible, God wanted people to offer him fatted calves on a burning alter, as a sacrifice....but no mention was ever made about killing their dogs or cats!!!

Since I have said my peice, I guess I will now step down from my soapbox as well.
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Dear Anne,
Well, I went ahead I'm sending out those letters. I'm sick about this whole thread!!!! My diet consists of fish and poutlry,..I can't even stomach the thought of eating anything else...
I hope everyone else sends out those letters!

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With all due respect, e-mails or not, this is China and other countries we're talking about. They are of totally different cultures. You're not going to win. It's like trying to piss up a rope. While I admire your sincerity I truly think you're fighting a losing battle. I am absolutely against any form of abuse, animal or otherwise.

Like I said in my last post, I will never buy anything like that again and will make sure that I read the label as to it's origin. I too am wary of things with fur on them and stay completely away from them. I think that is the best way to go.

Good luck because I think you're going to need it.

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Dear Donna... :angel2:

Ya know, I do understand where your coming from and although I may not make any difference at all...in my heart I'll know I tried. But, we never know where things may lead. A letter or something may connect with the right person, but standing by and not doing anything at all just doesn't sit tight with me. I'm sure you you agree.
:angel2: Just the thought of those babies just hanging in mid air waiting and just dying to die! What in the hell is that!!!! I'm sick of these assholes and they should be the ones up there dying!!!! Christian or not....I'll stand by my emotions and let God take care of my sin. Which in comparison, is probably greater, but I just can't grasp that right now!

Sorry if I ruined anyones day with my filth mouth up there, but I ain't changin' it. The pic depicts what I'd like to feed those people too!!! No one ever said I was nice!

Love &,
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You didn't ruin my day. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. You shouldn't get so worked up over it. It's not good health wise.
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It is bad healthwise, but I believe it's important to do something. I think it's better to do so without getting too worked up (again, healthwise ) but I know that it's very difficult to do.

Donna, I agree that this is a different culture and that's why I wouldn't try to convince them not to eat cats and dogs. I think that the theological arguments that Debby brought up cannot apply to a different culture that doesn't share the belief in the same God.

However, I do think it's legitimate to try and intervene to stop them from being so cruel to animals. There are many abhorrent practices in this world that I will not tolerate and give up on trying to change them just because they are of a different culture. Women oppression in Afganistan, genocides in Africa and slavery in South America and elsewhere are just some examples. I feel we should be make ourselves heard about these issues. As I said, I personally do my best to avoid buying any Chinese products. To drive the point home I felt I needed to let the Chinese representatives know that I'm doing so. I think that if enough people do this, then the Chinese government will have to act.

Just my 2 cents...
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I don't buy them after the experience I had years ago. I worked for a major store chain and worked in the warehouse where all day all we did was stick prices on merchandise. I had only worked there a short while when we were told that there was new merchandise coming down the line and we were given a pair of gloves to wear? When I asked my supervisor, she said the mice (toys for cats) come in infested with parasites so the shipment is flash frozen to kill the fleas or whatever is on them. The gloves were to handle the mice who had to be scraped off because though the bugs were dead, they were still attached. These mice were the ones who stood on their hind legs and hold a kernel of corn. So every time I see a furry mouse in a package, it stays right on the shelf in the market. No thanks! Also somewhere I have an article about a humane shelter who sold the euthanized animals out the back door so that stuffed animals could have real fur. I just stay away from furry things all together unless they move, and breathe and meow.....
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I have always bought those furry mice with the rattley things inside by the dozen. My cats are CRAZY about them....I don`t feel the need to jump on the bandwagon and write letters....although I respect the conviction and determination of anyone who does...but my cats will have to deal with a substitute, because I will not buy another one. I have seen them made out of another material that is not furry, but still rattles. I guess I will try that to see if they like it.
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I will stay away from anything and everything that has fur on it just to make sure.
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Thank you Anne and Hissy ...

...I really appreciate your confirmation of support as do the gazillions of precious babies that are savegedly murdered for thier precious skins each day. God forbid this should ever reach the states. Then and only then will we get a rise out of some people....geeeee...how sad! Oh and thanks Donna & Tiggytoes for your contribution in not purchasing those friggen things! I pray my words are heard...

Love &,
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Anne....you are right...my religious beleifs about God and how he feels about eating meat, of any kind, certainly aren't relevant to someone who beleives in a different God, or in no God at all. I hope I didn't offend anyone...sometimes I get a bit carried away with letting people know how I feel about (my) God.

And Catarina.... I have something to say...but I wasn't sure if I should say it or not...because I love you dearly... you are like the big sis I never had, and always wished I did....but could I say something here...without offending you or judging you at all?
I feel that when you are truley close to a person (as we are) you can each air your views without hurting or offending each other...and I in turn will welcome your opinions on this....
But I have to say....(but hopefully not at the risk of losing your friendship).....

You say it totally upsets you and turns you off that people eat anything but fish or poultry....(like cows, pigs, sheep...etc)
I DO eat these things...and LOVE them...my question to you is....
(remember I love you...) how can you eat a bird or a fish, and consider that "okay" but not a cow? Is a chickens life worth less than a cow's? I don't think so...but yet you deem that okay. I feel that eating a chicken or a fish is no different from eating a cow..or a pig. I will stick to my guns here....some animals were put on this earth for companionship, and some for food. I hope I don't offend anyone...everyone has the right to their own beleifs and principles...I am just trying to explain mine.

Catarina.... I pray to God I have not offended you by stating how I feel....it would hurt me so bad to lose your friendship.
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Amen to that!!!

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Dearest Deb... :angel2:

How can I be angry or upset in any way with you, especially when you're telling me your feelings? Thank you for being honest and up front with me...I appreciate it. Yes, that did sound and it was biased wasn't it. I guess I have to look at that myself and have been justifying in my own mind that I have to have some form of protein and I'd rather it come from poultry or fish rather than a cow or other four hoofed animal. I choose this simply because of the fat content. It's low and it's much healthier. I still stand firm on my ground about it though. I guess in my heart since I've seen the gruesome torture these animals are inflicted with; why should I advocate it by eating it. To me, the killing of a fish or foul is less excruciating to my mind. Whatever it is...as long as I'm not stooping to eating cats or dogs...which leads you to probably say "who am I to say who is to eat what"...well, I have my opinion and beliefs just like anyone else and have the backbone to stand up to it. God have mercy on the soul I "see" begin to eat a cat, dog, big cat, or any other endangered species... I pass judgement and jury on them that day. It all revolves around the fact that life is filled with suffering. Too bad about the misfortune of others that aren't provided with being among the fit. This is how the world keeps a watch on its population. Those that live in deserts...well, good luck...same with third world countries. Sorry, it may sound cruel, but I didn't create the situations on earth and certainly am powerless to change it. Even in nature, it's about survival of the fittest. The weak will die and the strongest prevail. I'm sure you think I'm harsh, I am I suppose, but again, I'm not trying to clean up what I said earlier...these are my own beliefs. Have you ever seen a slaughterhouse? I have...trust me, it's somewhere I'd rather not wish my biggest adversary to see. Yes, I've seen chickens killed too...Fish as well, the inhumanity, while it appears to be less cruel to me, the outcome remains the same...death. I do value that chicken/fish's life. I thank the Lord and I thank that creature for sparing its life for me so I may eat. No, I'm not into fishing either. I wouldn't have the heart to kill it! I know...I know double standard in a way isn't it! I don't want to kill it; it's just that I know it's in the store and I can buy it...I have my own eccentricities too!

There's plenty of food in this world, I don't think by becoming a glutton is a way of life. To eat what your body needs is what I would believe what God intended. I don't condemn people for eating beef...it's my choice not to; that's all I'm saying. Our resources are so plentiful...look at the shape of the world today. Those of who do wish to indulge in a never-ending struggle, look at them. Not only are they obese, but their will to live is dangerously low! How prevalent obesity is in the masses! Which is another different whacked out avenue in this labyrinth we call society! Pitiful souls that have no desire to believe that there is more to life than chewing! Do you think they think about where their food comes from and what animals may suffer? I didn't want to get so long winded about this; however, I guess it's all a matter of perspective and perhaps to me, I am a bit more eccentric/whacko when it comes to many of our four legged creatures than some may say they are. ...I don't care...I love who I am and I'll stick to what I believe in regarding cats, dogs, cows, sheep, pigs, deer, elk, and whatever else that turns my stomach inside out when it comes to saying bonne repas! I better quit while I've dug a big enough hole that I may not get out of...Sorry for my brutal honesty. I am quite sure that I meant no harm and certainly will cherish your friendship as always.

Love ,
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Yo Cat,

Listen up Hon. Food addiction, just as alcoholism, drugs and smoking are all diseases. The big difference here is your body NEEDS food for energy. And people with weight problems are forced to face their addiction 3 times a day every day of their lives in order to survive. Once you quit smoking, drinking or doing drugs, it just doesn't stare at you in the face like food does. I hate the word obese because it is such a label and so judgmental. I happen to be overweight and took offense at your remark about how obese people are pitiful souls who don't think about what they're chewing. As a matter of fact, I am chewing on a cookie right now and thinking about how good it is. How dare you say that people with weight problems have a dangerously low will to live. Do you happend to have a degree in psychology that you can make that kind of judgment??

And don't you think that the fish or chicken you eat every day cry out in pain as they are caught or slaughtered? How about the alfalfa sprouts, broccoli spears or mushrooms? They're LIVING plants before you pluck them and stuff them in your mouth.

What your whole shpeal about overweight people and how or what they eat has anything to do with little furry mice my cats play with is beyond me.

And I don't consider this flaming anyone either, I am simply stating that I am highly offended by your one sided, prejudicial statements on the eating habits and psyche of people with food addictions.


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