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Hey there ya'll! I need some advice about Mike and Ike, very sweet, very naughty and very loving brothers.
My family and I need to attend a family reunion and will be gone 6 days. I have left "the boys" alone for 4 days with lots of food and water of course but have never left them any longer. I'd love to hear ya'll's opinion... We are new to the area so I don't know anyone who can "peak in" at them... Pet sitter?
Thank you for your input!
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First off I'd like to welcome you to the Cat Site! I hope we get to hear more about Mike and Ike and maybe see some pictures of them .

If you go to www.petsit.com you can find a petsitter in your area. I would make sure that the petsitter is bonded and insured. If you can't afford for the petsitter to come visit everyday, maybe have them stop by every other day. I work for a petsitting agency and one of my clients has a cat that is feral and hides all the time, so she askes that I go every third day and leave some food and scoop out the litterbox and check his hiding spot to make sure he is ok.
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welcome to the site!!
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Welcome to the site! Laura has some very good advice.

I'm going to move this to Care & Grooming since it is more of a Care question.
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Thank you for welcoming me!

I looked into the pet sitter and I think I will take your advice... will make me feel better to have someone come in and just check on them again. Again... thank you!
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