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3 year old dies in hot car

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This is in my hometown too yall...I am so sad to read this
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I can't understand why people are still locking their children in hot cars. It's not like it hasn't been all over the news recently, about the dangers. I simply can't understand what is wrong with people.
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How sad....

Prayers going out for Brianna.... may she rest in peace.

I can't imagine how something like this happens. And I am so thankful my children are older now. But I doubt there would have ever been a time when one of my children would have been stuck in a vehicle. After reading all the horror stories over the years....it's one thing I have kept a very close eye on.

The latest 'child death in car' incident I heard about was the one where the father went to work and 'forgot' to drop his daughter off at the sitters first. The 18 month old spent more than 8 hours in the car..... I just don't get it. Was the sitter not concerned where the child was? Do parents not call and check to see how things are going during the day? I call at least once a day just to say "hi". It's an automatic thing I do before heading out for lunch... It takes a split second and I know everything is ok. I am not pointing fingers and judging... I'm just trying to understand. And I can't....

I can't imagine dying that way... my heart breaks for all the children who have.
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Poor little girl. The car must have really captured her imagination, so it sounds like she didn't get enough attention at home.
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People like that don't deserve to have children. It's so sad that so many children die this way every year. Don't these people have brains? Obviously they don't read the papers or watch the News either.
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that is soooo sad!! Some people want kids so bad and can't get pregant and these stupid people get children and don't take care of them! that makes me soooo mad! she should have had the doors locked so the kid could not get out. It is so sad that a three year old is allound to just wonder outside!
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Oh my god, this is so sad. I am reading this with tears in my eyes. I can´t imagine how these poor children must feel, beeing so hot and afraid...
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These types of stories really disturb me. What is wrong with these parents??
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