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Grooming each other?

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Abby and Morgan have this very weird habit. They will be very nice and friendly, start grooming and cleaning each other for a while and inevitably they end up in a little spat. Its hard for me to tell if its serious or just kind of playful or what. I have a feeling its not out of love They'll just start pushing eachother away and try to bite or scratch eachother, I suppose when one of them decides theyve had enough. Usually Abby is the instigator, even if shes the one cleaning Morgan. Whats up with that? I know to steer clear when they start grooming because if you get too close you could end up scratched by accident. Whats the deal? Why do that do that to each other?
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Fluffy and Socks do that too. I think its pretty normal. I think what happens is when they groom and lick each other,then someone gets a nibble in by accident or on purpose??lol Then its on.
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We have that going on here all the time. Baths become spats and then turn back into baths. Silly kitties!
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My babies do that to, I love watching it. Corkscrew will clean Tibby then she gets sick of it and tries to push him off. He gets so upset and he wrestles her and in between play bites you see him start to clean her again. I always imagine he's yelling at her "I'm not finished yet!"
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Yea, Rock and Fluffers groom each other too and when they are finished, the playtime begins..or is maybe I shall call it wartime
Fluffy will hiss at Rocky now if he gets too rough, but what is so funny is she is the instigater of all of it and starts everything, but she keeps asking for...
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Yeah I see that all the time with my 4 babies! Often Spike and Buddy (1 year old litter brothers) would be licking each other then one would start biting the other then starting to wrestle!

Pepper (8 mths old) would often shove her head and body under poor Zebra's (about 2-3 yrs old)nose as Zebra would be sleeping and demand to be cleaned so Zebra would obediently start licking her then become irritated with Pepper because Pepper would start playing (biting and shaking). Zebra would end up pinning Pepper to the ground with one paw and getting in 2-3 good long licks before getting up and strolling off with Pepper hopping around begging to be cleaned more.

It's really funny to watch!
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