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Leaving kitty at kennel

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Hello, everyone!

I posted an introductory message on "New Cats on the Block" and receive a lot of helpful posts about keeping my kitten happy while my husband and I go to work. Thanks!

My husband thought we should name the kitten "Smokey". I'm not a big fan of the name but we've been using it so much, the name has stuck!

I have another question and am in need of some advice. My husband and I are going to be traveling in a few days. It was a trip that was planned and arranged a year before we got Smokey. We have arranged to leave him at a nearby kennel that is operated by the veterinary hospital where Smokey has gotten his shots. It's a reputable kennel where they have a jungle gym and exercise room where he can run around. He has only been with us for 2 weeks and I worry that leaving him at the kennel will prove too stressful for the little guy. He has been around other cats (he was with his cat family before we took him) and he isn't afraid of other people. We can't take him with us and I fear that, even if we could take him with us, the long trip would be even more stressful for him. My question is this: how can I minimize the stress that Smokey might have over being left at a kennel? I'm afraid he'll start spraying or "act out" in other ways (he hasn't shown any such behavior yet) when we bring him back home because I've read that cats will spray when stressed.

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How long are you going to be gone for? Is there someone that can come to your house to feed and play with him? It would be much less stressful than leaving him in a Kennal. Taking him with you I think might even be more stressful.
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I would leave something with your scent on it and ask the kennel to put it in his sleeping area. This will help him a bit. If he's young he should be ok since he's used to being around other cats.

Of course the best scenerio is to have him stay at home and have someone come to feed him. But if that's not possible, the kennel is the next best place since he will have daily interaction with the staff.
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We are going to be gone for 6 days. Unfortunately, we don't have anyone we trust enough for the job of watching our Smokey. In the past, one of my husband's friends would come over to feed the fish while we were gone (this was before we had the kitten) but he wasn't consistent and a few fish died. How can I trust him with a kitten? Also, the kennel provides 24-hour care, meaning someone is there 24/7. They also reassured me that, being a kitten, everyone will want to play with him. I also don't want him to be alone at night and I wouldn't trust my husband's friend even if he swore that he would sleep over with the kitten. At least, with the kennel, I figured he would have someone there with him all the time (especially at night).

I also heard that leaving an article of clothing or something that has your scent would be helpful. I even do that now: I leave the night shirt I slept in for him to lie on before I go to work.
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I would opt to leave him at his new home, simply because the change for him would be confusing. With all the petsitters around I would think you could find someone to come in and take care of him in your absence. Ask at your vet clinic for recommendations of someone who either rescues or petsits. As for him missing you- take an old pair of sneakers, and start wearing them minus socks around the house. Get them good and "smelly" stick them in a ziplock bag and tell whoever is caring for Smokey to give him one shoe right after you leave, and the other one about a week later.
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