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Happy Birthday!!!!

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Okay, it's 4 a.m. and I may be a bit looney 'cuz I just got home from work? and I may have missed a thread on this subject.

In another post, Billie mentioned a birthday list, so we could send our love to our friends on their "special day".:baloon: :baloon: So, if it hasn't been started yet...here's the :baloon: :baloon: list!

Tell us your birthday and be prepared for a barrage of cards, good wishes, flowers, candy, gifts, and !!! Ok, maybe just cards and good wishes!

No I.D. required...we trust you!

My birthday is Dec.10..I'll be 41

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July 27th, I'll be 25
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If you have your birthday in your member profile, it shows up on the calendar. (Click the calendar link up at the top of the page).

For example, belated to Meswyn on June 27th!
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Happy Birthday to all.

Mine is May 24 and I'll be 42.

BTW, we have a birthday list on my greyhound board with the owners and the puppers who own them and the host of the board is the one who posts about the daily birthdays.

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i just had mine, it's on June.4th and i turned 21
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I just had mine too. June 17th (66') I just turned 35.
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Mine is September 13th and I will be 53(ouch)!
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Like Deb said, the easiest way to do this is for everyone to put their date of birth on their profile. Then all the birthdays show up in the calendar. They should be automatically announced on the day at the top of the forums main page but I can't make that feature work yet (not my fault! I've contacted the software support and they should help me fix this bug sometimes in the future )
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My birthday took place on 13 June 1944. I'm now 57 years of age. Oh, well.

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My birthday is September 17th this year I will be 28....gosh I had to think about how old I am ....NOT GOOD!!!!
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When I started this thread I wasn't aware of the calendar.
I guess I just wasn't paying attention, always just rushed right to the forums to see what was up!

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Illusion!!!!! You share the same B-day as one of my best friends....Tammi! She will be 27 on July 27!!! And I will be 36 on oct. 6.
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