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Diamonds Forever!..

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.. is her show name! at home we just call her diamonds, she's a Domestic Shorthair Tortoishell Van( All white apart from tortie colored tail and face), Nana & Grandad adopted Diamond from a SPCA on their 36th wedding annv. last year and they have never regretted it, she has won over 20 B.I.S and a few supremes, but that's not the point she is a great pet and having a rescued cat around makes nana and I feel good( I spend most of my life with nana) , I'm staying at Nana's tonight and taking my digital camera - I'll take a few snaps of diami and post them here tomorrow morning( we have a late start at school so I can come home and post!!) Nana wanted a domestic because she missed bob, bob was owned by a friend she had living with her for a year- he was a brown tabby dsh who caught all the rats and mice, when bob and his mom moved out, diamond took up the job!!!!!

Thanks for letting me share the 'tail' of nanas rescued cat.

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Great story! Can't wait for the pics. Love 'em!
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Thanks superkitty! I'll have them,Promise!
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and she was an adoptee from SPCA! WoW lucky people. Can't wait to see her pic.
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Hey Barb. She was a kitten found under a house a few hours from home she had two attractive litter brothers but when Nana saw her she knew she would really steal the show as well as being a good pet!

Pictures coming!
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Diamonds is a great name for her , I am sure she is very pretty . Can't wait to se a picture of her .
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Hello- Here are some Diamond Pictures.

'Sitting on the chair just looking pretty'

'Playing with my feathers'

'Trying to hide from the nasty camera monster'

'mmmmm what's down there?'

I think Diamond is beautiful! Enjoy the pics!
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OMG she is a bauty wow , the Name fit for her
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Oh Sam, she is a beauty!
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What was a "showcat" doing in a shelter?

She's really cute
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Ohh Sam.... Diamond is a beautiful kitty
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Wow, she is really beautyful!
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She looks like such a nice kitty.
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Wow Sam Diamond it really a beauty How in the world can anyone put such a beautiful creature in the shelter? I can't see any animal going there. But sadly I know that it's a fact of life I wish I could save them all.
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Thanks Everyone!

Diamond was found with her litter and mother.
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She is beautiful!!!
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She's very pretty, and very lucky that your family took her in.
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Thanks Sue & Bren! Diami & I give our thanks
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Diamond is such a beautiful kitty! And the name really fits her.
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Awwww! Thanks Laura!
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