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computer problems - VERY IMPORTANT FOR XP USERS

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Last night I received a serious problem running on XP that caused my pc to crash all the time - seems as though XP was hacked - if you know of anyone that has the same problem, there is a solution - details are below - the user possibly has a minute to download - but I have managed to do it - I spent an hour on a premium rate call to microsoft last night on hold and all for nothing. Its now fixed thankfully -

A security issue has been identified that could allow an attacker to remotely compromise a computer running Microsoft® Windows® and gain complete control over it. You can help protect your computer by installing this update from Microsoft. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer.

Just get people to get onto this site as quickly as possible


Then press the download button on the far right in a separate box and it takes a few seconds- its direct from Microsoft - I have and I am finally back up and running although I wasted in excess of three hours and poss about £50 worth of tel calls last night.

I am being very VERY serious about this and would not joke in ref to my pc.

thanks for reading

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Hi Kev-
Sorry to hear you have computer problems, Yesterday my computer crashed and we had to call in an expert to fix it 3 hours later and only $70() it was all fixed with new free software, he got the printer and the digital camera mum couldn't beleive how cheap it was - so my comps all sussed, I can't wait until the day a reliable computer software is invented, windows has sooo many problems.

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It's really beneficial in general to keep your Windows installation up to date by going to the Windows Update site on a regular basis. Even if you don't use Internet Explorer as your usual browser (say you prefer Netscape) you should run IE periodically and go to Tools| Windows Update, which automatically tells you what security fixes need to be installed.That updates the operating system, not just Internet Explorer. If you are running Microsoft Office, you can also go to that update site from the main windows update page, and it now has a similar automatic check & update feature.
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It's a good idea to update but along with Virus program update, email program updates, digital camera updates and everything else!! just seem to loose track.
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OK I have a stupid question. I did this about a week ago but didn't know if I did it right.. Is it titled "Windows XP Hotfix KB823980"?? And is it supposed to show on my add/remove program thing?
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I was just coming here to post the same thing. I had this happen yesterday as well, and fortunately I have a second computer that I could hook up to the internet, and found the patch through google.

And the nasty thing is, this is not a standard virus. So virus protection does not prevent it. There does not have to be any software downloaded on your computer to have this happen.

I finally went out and got a firewall security package, to prevent anyone from accessing my home computer without my being aware.

So please, everyone using XP, do the update before you get attacked. It was just fortunate that I was able to stay on line long enough this morning to download the patch to fix things.
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Did I get the right thing?? See above..
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That was not the one I used, so I don't know. It could be. Mine was not a general update, it was just a patch for the particular vulnerability in the system that allows this to happen.

Apparently this is so widespread that Microsoft has posted the fix on their front page. It might not hurt to have a look there, and download again just in case.
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I think this was the issue they warned about last week. The patch has been available for a while, but MS noticed that no one was downloading it and it allows a pretty serious breach in security.
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I didn't see any warnings! The patch I used was in a bulletin dated July 16. So you are right, they have known about this for a while.
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Thanks so much! We have been having problems for 2 days now, but I just downloaded the patch and its fixed! Thank you so much for posting this Kev!
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I am not having a hard time with it locking up, but it just takes forever to load any page.....sometimes won't even connect to the internet......
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While on the subject - there's a major attack on computers run by XP and 2000 going on today. So far most of the affected computers are in Asia (Israel included). To be on the safe side, either update your windows (MS has a security patch out) or your Anti-virus program (preferably both )
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Anne, that is exactly what happened to me. Its a worldwide attack on XP. Its been on the news here (Toronto station).

And folks, it does not cause pages to lock up, or take time loading. It shuts down your computer. It gives you a minute notice, and then closes everything, and all you can do is sit and watch. You'll know if you have it. Everybody who runs on Windows XP should head over to that web site and download the patch and update before it happens. It took me a total of about 8 hours to figure out what was going on, what to do about it, and install my new firewall.

This is not a virus, there is no software downloaded. It is a hacker attack, exploiting a hole in the XP operating system that allows someone to write script on a remote computer without their permission.
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This shows on the microsoft news site - please be aware that there is a worm as well - if you dont have a virus scan - please call up AVG on line and get it downloaded or housecall - I can provide www addresses if needed - they are free and give you some form of protection.

Sorry to be a pain - too many hours in frustration last night have led me to this and I do not want any more of you getting it.

There are some evil people out there.


Update from Microsoft

A worm that takes advantage of what some security experts have called the most widespread Windows flaw ever has started spreading, fulfilling the predictions of many researchers.
Dubbed "MSBlast" by its author, the worm is spreading quickly, according to an initial analysis posted to the Internet Storm Center, a digital threat-tracking site. Ever since mid-July, when Microsoft announced a vulnerability in a widespread component of Windows, security experts have been waiting for some online vandal to create a worm that takes advantage of it.

"It is pretty widespread," said Johannes Ullrich, chief technology officer for the Storm Center. "It is sort of getting to the point where it is causing some slowdown."

Microsoft is investigating the worm but couldn't immediately comment on the program.

Some system administrators posting to a mailing list run by the North American Network Operators' Group, a popular forum for engineers who maintain large networks, believe that as much as 10 percent of the data coming into their networks has been created by the worm.

The worm contains two messages in its code. The first apparently is a "greet"--a message of greeting or recognition to a friend or peer--while the second takes aim at Microsoft: "billy gates why do you make this possible?" the second part of the message says. "Stop making money and fix your software!!"

Starting with a random Internet address, the worm sequentially scans for computers with the vulnerability.

MSBlast installs the Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) server, and runs the program to download its program code to the compromised server. It will also add a registry key to insure that the worm is restarted when the host computer is rebooted.

The worm attacks Windows computers via a hole in the operating system, an issue Microsoft on July 16 had warned about. Nine days after the software giant announced the flaw, hackers from the Chinese X Focus security group publicly posted a program to several security lists designed to allow an intruder to break in to Windows computers. The Windows flaw has been characterized by some security experts as the most widespread ever found in Microsoft's operating system.

The flaw is in a component of the OS that lets other computers request that the Windows system perform an action or service. The component, known as the remote procedure call (RPC) process, facilitates activities such as sharing files and allowing others to use the computer's printer. By sending too much data to the RPC process, an attacker can cause the system to grant full access to the system.

The Chinese code worked on only three variants of Windows, but other hackers have since refined it. Nine days ago, a hacker posted an attack program to a security mailing list. Many facets of the current worm seem to be similar to that program.

Experts have feared that a worm created to take advantage of the Microsoft flaw could have an effect similar to that of the Slammer worm that downed corporate networks in January.

Slammer spread to corporate networks worldwide, causing databases to go down, bank teller machines to stop working and some airline flights to be canceled. Six months earlier, a researcher had released code that exploited the major Microsoft SQL vulnerability used by the worm to spread.

Security experts and network administrators are working to identify the worm and patch their networks.

Microsoft Windows users can update their operating systems through the company's Windows Update service. More information about the flaw and workarounds are available in the advisory posted online.
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I couldn't get the Microsoft site to open up, so I downloaded Zone Alarm. I'm getting 1 alert after the other. I'm using XP, also.
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Originally posted by HopeHacker
I couldn't get the Microsoft site to open up, so I downloaded Zone Alarm. I'm getting 1 alert after the other. I'm using XP, also.
right - try and get to :


then get to the bottom part and load Windows XP 32 bit edition

double click it

Then go to right hand side and it reads

Windows XP Security Patch: Buffer Overrun In RPC Interface Could Allow Code Execution

then press download

and get a patch downloaded -

may help

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I've got Windows ME...should I be worried about this? I did go to the site and updated everything just in case. Everything I've read about this is concerning users of XP.
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Thanks Kev for this warning! i just downloaded the patch and sent it upstairs for Mike's computer as well.
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My company got hit last night. I work on a helpdesk and we are getting slammed with calls. MsBlast is everywhere. Argh
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Everyone should update all critical updates on a regular basis. All you have to do is go to Tools--->Windows Update. Once there you can get Microsoft to scan your computer for the needed updates. I usually do mine weekly.

The same should be said for all your other programs (ie: Norton etc.)

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seems that when I try and post the site address here - it does not like it so do this in two halves - cut and paste

sorry for being a pain to you all and download under 32 or 64 bit.



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Shell, ME is 95 based technology while 2000 is NT based. You shouldn't have to worry, but go to the update site and make sure you're fully updated on critical updates. Hubby and I did that last week and we haven't had a problem and we're on ME.
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It keeps saying:
The download you requested is unavailable. If you continue to see this message when trying to access this download, you might try the "Search for a Download" area on the Download Center home page.

Either it's extremely busy or they've removed it. Do you think Zone Alarm will protect me?
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Originally posted by TTMom
Shell, ME is 95 based technology while 2000 is NT based. You shouldn't have to worry, but go to the update site and make sure you're fully updated on critical updates. Hubby and I did that last week and we haven't had a problem and we're on ME.
Thanks! I hadn't updated anything is quite a while but I was shocked when it said I had 19 critical downloads! I got them all downloaded, so now I'm set for a little while! Thanks!
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Either it's extremely busy or they've removed it. Do you think Zone Alarm will protect me?
My experience would say No to it. I have just been on ebay and have purchased norton anti virus for an excellent price on buy it now - I am unsure if norton has to be the ultimate protection but so far people I know that have it are not getting hit. would recommend anyone else does the same and just go for a buy it now.

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I just downloaded the Blaster patch, is that the one. I couldn't get the XP patch on the link you gave, because it kept saying it was unavailable.
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I just heard on the news, that the people who created this worm, attacked Microsofts website. They left a hidden message, saying, "Stop making money, and fix your software."

Anyway, I did download the patch for the Worm Blaster, and I installed it, so maybe I'm safe. I do have McAfee anti virus on my computer. I don't think I can use Norton, because you can't put two different Anit Virus software's on the computer.
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I know I got this virus! My husband is at home right now trying to clean it out!
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