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Nutella is wonderful . I became familiar with it when I traveled through Europe, but to my surprise we do have it here in the states, it was just something I never noticed before.

My breakfast is whatever the cafe in my building is serving that day, it can range from a breakfast sandwich (egg, bacon, and cheese on a bagel) to a danish or muffin. Or, I don't eat at all. Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but I find it the easiest to skip.

Back to my travels, when I was abroad, I think the foods that I found most different were the boiled tomatoes, and the beans (kinda like the pork and beans variety) that were served at breakfast time. That was just something I had never heard of for breakfast, but when in Rome!
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Anne, oh no, biscuits for biscuits and gravy are not sweet, not at all. They're usually buttery and slightly salty. We eat garlic/cheese biscuits at my house, but if we want breakfast biscuits we'll have cinnamon biscuits, and with Cajun food we eat honey biscuits (those are sweet too).

For biscuits and gravy we add no flavoring.
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Biscuits and gravy is a Southern State thing in the USA and I just could not even force myself to try them (talk about clogged arteries). The gravy is made from the grease and drippings after frying breakfast sausage.

They serve those biscuits with every meal you get in the South, along with hush puppies. My dad has a house in Tennesse and I could not get away from those biscuits! As you can tell, I'm not a great fan of biscuits.
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Barbacoa is actually a method of cooking. We use it here in SD and Baja a lot. It's a way to make tougher meat melt in your mouth.Never had it for breakfast though.
TTMom, in Mexico it's a traditional Sunday breakfast. Where I grew (a u.s. border town) You see signs all over the place saying that on Sunday's they have barbacoa. A few weeks ago on the Food Channel they actually did a special on it and showed some of the best places in the U.S. to eat it. My favorite restraunt made the list. Now it's mostly made by leaving it in an oven overnight. But my family is kind of traditional and old fashions so it sits on hot coals all night in an underground pitt.
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You can buy Nutella at Super Wal Mart , it is next to the Peanut Butter , it should be in the same area . Well at least here in Ga. it is . I get it cheaper in the Commissary on base . You all make me very hungry now and I am so sick to my stomach , I got the flue eww .
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re: Barbacoa

Funny how things are different in different places. Here in SD and Baja we eat it for dinner or supper. It is made of lots of weird cuts of meat, though. Hey! Maybe us Californians (Southern and Baja) are just a bunch of nuts? LOL!
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coffee or tea, depending on how I feel, and toast. yumm.

My fav is Tim Horton's coffee and cinnamin and raisin bagel toasted with plain cream cheese.
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Coffee first and foremost. I don't usually eat breakfast but I like pancakes and waffles. Also like Oatmeal or lumpy cream of wheat and toast.
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wow!! that's so much of different breakfast out there!! you know guys, a lot of kids here grew up with nutella and stuff like that.. it's funny that some places do not have it.

guess what guys.. two days since hissy posted about the bagel and cheese..i still haven't gotten my bagel and i'm still craving for it...
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Kateang, just camp outside starbucks so that you're the first to get the bagel

ummm, coffee first and foremost. I love nutella but we buy it as a treat since we can eat the jar in one day. If I'm in a cooking mood, we'll make a fritta minus cheese, just potatoes, bellpeppers, carrots, broccoli and scramble/fry in olive oil, cook eggs and eat with toast. Sometimes I make pancakes, or just have a bowl of Frosted Flakes because they're GRRREAt!

My hubby being from Bangladesh, we sometimes buy the parotha bread from the indian stores and fry an egg with peppers and onions, you can seriously gain weight from this parotha. As a trat we'll eat it with sugar.

My mom-inlaw came to visit, she saw me eating rice krispies and laughed so hard that she almost spit up. She said that cereal isn't breakfast, they eat the paratha, meat cooked in spices, fried fish (not fried like our way), and some fried veggies. No wonder they're diabetic! But it is tasty, different change.
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Coffee and a Pepsi for breakfast. That is all I want. For me to eat I have to be up no less than 2 hours then food will be good before that and it's
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Breakfast varies according to my mood. It's usually peanut butter on an english muffin and a banana. Sometimes cereal, sometimes a bagel. I have a rather odd combo I love: ricotta cheese on an english muffin, toast until cheese is hot and top with apple butter. Yum.

Coffee is a must. I love nutella, it's kind of fattening, so I don't buy it that much.
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Jellybelly: i wish i could too but they start the same time i start work....
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