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I saw the post " good morning" and it got me wondering that at different parts of the world, we eat different kinds of breakfast..so what kind does your countrymen eat?

In singapore, we have a whole variety of breakfast. From porridge to bread to prata..anything u want... but I guess coffee is a must here.. I kinda realise we do not have the luxury to sit down and enjoy our breakfast. We usually rush through it and then rush to work..i hardly get breakfast now..
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i enjoy starbucks and bagels for breakfast, while hubby wants bacon, eggs, fried potatoes and gravy for a hearty breakfast and fruit and cereal for a light day. He loves my country sausage and homemade biscuits the best- I can see clogged arteries now-
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My breakfast is coffee.. lol.
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how i miss starbucks coffee and bagels...esp when it freshly toasted and with butter and cream cheese..hmmmmmm....
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My favorite breakfast food is waffles. Not the eggo kind, the real kind. But usually I just eat a bagel and cream cheese. When I go home and visit my family my mom usually makes migas for breakfast, or she'll make me a taco with potato and egg taco. Every Sunday my family will have barbacoa for breakfast.
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What is barbacoa?
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It's really gross.. I don't eat it but my family loves it. It's goat head that's been smoked overnight in a burlap sack.
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Seriously? Of course you are serious, I just have never heard of it. Oh well, my ex-husband used to eat cow tongue sandwiches for breakfast- to each his own I guess....I couldn't handle eating those either so I doubt I would be a fan of barbacoa-- I would just be feeling bad for the poor goat.
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The tounge is also included in the barbacoa. Yeah it's gross, but a lot of people like it because it's very tender meat.
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I usually eat cereal for breakfast. It's quick and easy... I don't function well when I first get up. On more "exciting" days, I toast a bagel (usually "everything", "garlic" or "plain" bagels) and have it with lite cream cheese.
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I've never thought to use chocolate milk in my cereal... hhmm.
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We have every type of breakfast imaginable. I normally don't eat breakfast but when i'm hungry I'll eat vegemite toast or coco-pop cereal, on a sunday sometime a big hot fry up is yummy ohhh bagels *drooling*

Cool thread!
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now we know that there are people who eat cow tongue sandwich for breakfast.... in singapore, ppl do have pig's internal organs for breakfast... i've always wondered how do they swallow that...
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and I hung out in piano bars alot. A smart-alec guy swore that vodka and Rice Krispies was delicious. Naw, we said - so he brought in a box and a bowl and sat there at the bar and ate some. We all tried it - yuck LOL. Here in So. California BIG breakfasts are served in the restaurants. My Mom and I frequent Denny's where the $2.99 Grand Slam Breakfast: 2 large fluffy pancakes, 2 eggs, 2 sausage and 2 bacon is just the BEST around. I love cinnemon-raisin Enlish muffins toasted with butter, yummmm.
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Mmm Choc Milk on cereal! m m good!
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I too am drooling reading about everyone eating proper bagels for brekky.

Here in Oz we don’t have ‘real’ bagels (hence the thumbs down icon). They sell stuff called bagels but really it is just a bread-roll shaped bagel – NOT FAIR, I love true boiled bagels – YUMMO!!

As for my brekky – I drink it, it’s a choc flavoured protein drink thing that is supposedly high in fibre, high in iron, low in fat – for those of you who know what a weetbix is, it is the liquid equivalent of two weetbix’s and milk… it comes in a tetra pack like the juice your mum used to pack when you were at school.
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guess what??? I went down to Starbucks just now, hoping to get a plain bagel to overcome that craving.... they ran out of plain bagels so sad...not destined to have a plain bagel...
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Is food in Singapore closer to Indian or Chinese food, or its own distinct cuisine? (I LOVE Indian food, and could eat it every day for every meal. I'm not too bad of an Indian cook for an American of Croatian descent .

I have to say that for breakfast, my favorite food is always eggs.
The preparation style doesnt really matter, although I've been on a poached-egg kick for awhile. Second to that is hot cooked cereal, usually oat bran. And coffee of course!
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I think most people here who don't skip breakfast have cereal with milk or toast with some spread (low fat cream cheese or humous spread most likely).

A classic Israeli breakfast is modelled after what they serve for breakfast in the Kibbutz - a big salad, eggs, cottage or another low fat cheese and fresh bread. Hotels now serve an upgraded version of that breakfast as an Israeli breakfast. They do a buffet which includes several types of salads and lots of kinds of cheese and breads. They often throw in bagels, pancakes and what not as well

Israel being a hot country, our menu has lots of vegetables and salads throughout the day. A meal is not considered a proper meal unless there's a large bawl of salad with it I can personally testify that if you add lots of chocolate in between meals you can stil gain a lot of weight

Oh another favorite breakfast is the Yemenite breakfast that some people have on Saturday morning. It's a special pastry called "Jahnoon". It looks like a thick sausage roll and is very simple - just dough with lots of butter, some sugar and salt (it's neither salty not sweet - something in between). The special thing about it is that it's cooked in low temp through out the night. It's served with freshly ground tomatoes and eggs that were cooked overnight in the same pan. It's really fattening and delicious!
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Lucia: Prata is a kind of indian food, made from flour. They can add eggs, onions or sometimes different kinds of meat in it. They eat it with curries, dipping into it..for those who can't take spicy food, they dip into sugar...
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Breakfast? Whassat?
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I don't usually eat breakfast, but when I used to have to get up at a decent hour I would stop and get a candy bar (usually a snickers or little debbie brownie) on my way to work/school.. Now I just wait til lunch..

My favorite breakfast food tho, which i get maybe once a month at best, is the McDonald's breakfast burrito with hot sauce.. I used to be a coffee fanatic but I'm trying to nix sugar from my diet and haven't gotten around to trying splenda yet..

Today I'm cookin ham n eggs but only because bf doesn't work til noon so I'm really making it for his benefit..

Oh and I almost forgot, I *love* dippy eggs I'd probably rather eat a dippy egg (yellow part only) with two slices of well buttered toast than just about anything else..

I only eat cereal at night after dinner. I don't know why
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In Germany they have a cup coffe or tee , mostly coffe . Then they usually eat piece of breat or roll , with butter on top and some lunch meet or some eat butter and jam on top . On the weekends we eat a egg ot 2 with our breakfast and cheese . That's how I grew up with . Now this days I just have my cup coffe and maybe later on some bread with somthing sweet on it like Nutella , that is a Hasselnut chocolate spread .
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we eat cereal, poptarts, toast, or sometimes I will cook up some pan cakes, biscuits & gravy, with scrambled eggs...every once in a while I fix up some oatmeal, grits, or cream of wheat too...we have a big variey to chose from so there is always something to eat here..
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Nutella.... yummy - anytime of the day! Don't they have Nutella in the US? So much better than peanut butter

Can you please elaborate on the biscuits and gravy thing? I always thought biscuits were sweet pastry - sounds yucky with gravy... I assume you all mean somehting else.
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I can't eat right away in the morning, so during the weekdays I eat a pastry, muffin or roll of some kind. I go out every Saturday for breakfast with my friend and I will usually order french toast or an ham/cheese omelett. On Sundays for breakfast one or two ladies of our church is assigned to make some kind of bake goods, so I usually wait until I get to church to have my coffee and breakfast.
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What is Nutella??? I have never heard of it...
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Nutella is a choclate/hazelnut spread that you can put on toast or bagels. It is very rich and quite tastey. You can probably find it in your grocery store.
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Hope this helps Anne. People eat biscuits plain or with butter, jam, gravy, well just about anything really Over the past couple of years, people have started to make flavored biscuits like garlic.

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Barbacoa is actually a method of cooking. We use it here in SD and Baja a lot. It's a way to make tougher meat melt in your mouth.

Never had it for breakfast though.

I like Carne Asada burritos for breakfast, but I don't get them that often.
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