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How do I know?

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If poison ivy is in my eyes? My eye is feeling as if I have something in it but theres nothing in my eye. It is now starting to feel as if it is swelling now. I took some benadryl. Also, if you have been in contact with it, how long does it take for it to appear?
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Gee Kellye I am not sure how long it takes to appear as it has been a long time since I had it. But I remember when I was little that everytime I got it the stuff made my eyes swell too. And it could be poison oak or sumac. Next time you work outside wash hand well with laundry soap. It cuts the poison!!
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usually 24-48 hours after first contact you get the symptoms. Where do you think you ran across it?
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At my friends backyard - we were playing volleyball and the ball got into the poison ivy - and I ran to get it, as well as others. Jake didnt tell me to wash my hands - its my first encounter with the stuff as we don't have it in NZ.
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An afterthought - if my eye is feeling irritated now (we played volleyball tonight) then it may be just an irritation as 24 hours haven't passed? (Hoping here!)
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Well if you don't get the sap off your skin in 3 minutes after contact- you might as well kiss your non-itchy skin goodbye. I would tell you my exposure to the stuff while in Alaska, but this is a family board after all! LOL But it was miserable and I learned a lot about poison ivy and oak quite quickly!
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Found a link about Poison Ivy. Haven't found much about it in the eyes though. I wonder if you got some sand or dirt in your eyes and that is what is causing the irritation.

Do you have any Allergy eye drops like Naphcon or Clear Eyes AR?
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The host should have sprayed the poison ivy with "Round Up" before setting up a volly ball court a week or so before if they knew that the poison ivy was there. Only common sence tells you that the ball will end up in there. Others could be affected by touching the ball then their faces. Good Luck!
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Yeah thats what we said that she should have done the area with roundup. It will be interesting to see who comes up with a rash!
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--Poison Oak is pure evil--

Kellye I hope you don't have poison ivy in/around your eyes! I'd start regular washes with some eye solution just to help with the irriatation, whatever it may be.
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I don't know anything about Ivy but I just wanted to say Kellye I hope your eye gets better


Love Sam.
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Well this morning it seems better. Maybe it was just an irritation. Thank goodness for that!

Thanks for the advice!
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