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My name is Alicia. This is funny. Nena was originally supposed to be Jake's name. When I got him, they told me he was a girl. I named her Nena which means 'little girl' in Spanish. And I found this site. I used Nena10 as my username. I don't have 10 children or nothing like that. Then when I took Jake to the vet, they told me that he was a boy. Talk about embarrising! So I had to change his name to Jake. I should have named him Nene which is little boy. And I couldn't change my username so I got stuck with Nena.

BTW, how do you put your name at the bottom of the post? I'd like to add some graphics like little cats. And how about finding things like garfield to put in my info list.
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Never mind. I found out how to put my name. But how about the graphics on the side and by my name? Like Bodlovers picture of the black and white cat. Or Catalina's picture of a girl? Or even a photo?
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I just asked that - along with some other questions - in a thread I called "Technical Questions". So if you haven't looked there yet, you might check it out.

Just to avoid dupicating efforts, not because I think all the answers are there . . .
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Nena10, boy am I embarrassed!!!!!!!!!! I have been referring to you as Nena this whole time! Sorry. So, its official now......you are Alicia!!!!
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Aristocat = Jackie
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Shawna = Shawna

Yes, I know, really original, but otherwise I knew I'd forget my log-in name :LOL:
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Originally posted by jeano369
We could probably make up some good ways to come up with the 7's.
Like maybe she's the 7th daughter of the 7th son, who lives at 777 Somewhere Rd and in Apartment 7? Just an idea.

:LOL::LOL::LOL: I missed that!!! :laughing2:laughing2

Good one Jean! I've been readin' and I can't find VJoy's????
Vlinder's either...does anyone know?

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Vjoy is Val and Vlinder...don't know
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I'm pretty sure that Vlinder is Christy.
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yup, Vlinder is Christie

and yaknow, i think there is a way for Anne to change a persons username but allow them to
keep the same status...
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Cooie is one of the nicknames of my girl tux, Cookie. Although she often coos like a dove, that's not how she got this nickname. There was some car commercial on last summer, some guy calling up to the window of another guy named "Cooper". At one point, he yells "Yo, Coo!" My son started calling Cookie "Coo" after that, which naturally eventually led to "Cooie".
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Alicia = Alicia
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MY name is todd and my user name is the name of my cat called angel.
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Nita here. Amadicia is a name of a character from one of my brother's novel. And Shasha is the name of my beautiful cat
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Bet noone can guess what my name is... :LOL:
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I'm karen ( how did I miss this one months back???)
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I missed it too, Karen. I'm Brenda, you probably could have figured that one out!
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Spooky is the nickname that my husband gave me.
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Whisky'sDad = Keith

:afrorainb :afrorainb :afrorainb
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Spooky is the nickname that my husband gave me.

that sounds interesting ! like, spooky mulder (x-files) ?!
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Hi I'm Leanne
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That's right you guessed it Berta is my name, well actually my nick name my real name is Roberta but I like Berta.
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You are right, we don't know what your name is or what you look like! LOL Hissy= Mary Anne or MA to my friends!
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Haha...well I like to keep that a secret... :laughing:
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Blue- No, my husband didn't get spooky from the X-files. We don't even watch X-files, so I don't even know who that is. One day we just picked nicknames for each other...I still don't even know where he got that from??? I'll have to ask him.
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I'm, really, Cindy and my two-legged companion is Bill. Opie gets equal time, from both of us, so I'm including Bill, although he d oesn't use the computer, yet. He's gonna learn, though!
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My given name is Chellie; however, family members call me Missy
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I am also Kristina!
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