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ok...Michelle's name is........Marie!!!!
But I go by Michelle (my middle name) when I'm online, or sometimes when I meet new people, just for kicks. so I answer to both.
I wonder if I could do a poem as cool as Joe's.

My name's Marie,
call me Michelle.
I love to write,
I hate to spell.

hmmm...Joe, I liked yours better!!!!!!
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I'm an adult cat!!!! when did that happen?
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Ttapestry1= Stephanie

Glad to meet everyone by their real names although I probably can't remember them all!!!!!!

Michelle- You become an "adult cat" after 100 posts. Hurray for you!!!!!!
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Bodlover! = Rhea

(just made this up cos my very first cats name was Boddington! and don't tell the other cats but he's still mummys little baby!)

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Rhea...I wondered where the bodlover came from!

You know...if everyone's memory is as bad as mine is...we will never remember half of these I have an idea...but only if you want to. Several of you, like me, have your name at the bottom of your posts....even if your real name is different than your username. (which mine of course is not.. ) But if anyone is interested, you could add your real name to the bottom of all your posts, just by adding it into your user profile. That way we could easily remember your names! But no problem if you'd rather not!
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Okay, here goes!

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Debby and Joe... here's my new signature...Joe's is better, but hey, it's 1:30 a.m. and it's the best I can do right now!:sleep3:

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Hell603 = Helen

:daisy: :daisy:
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Joe and Diane!!! That is wonderful! I love it!!!!!!
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I figured it was time to dig up this old thread seeing as how the last post was 4 months ago and we've gotten so many new members.
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Gee, I guess it's safe to say that you can figure my name out ...:laughing2 well, without the 7's of course

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I'm not allowed to say my real name. It isn't Griffin.
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That's OK Griffin. This thread is for adults who feel comfortable giving out their first names here.
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Okay, my given name is Allison, though I answer to Allie also.

Sunlion was a nickname I gave a beloved orange tabby named Sparky (current Sparky was named after this guy) who adopted the family up the street and wouldn't come home again. He was the best kitty, but they were elderly and showered him with attention and treats, while we were 2 adults and a small child and another cat in a small apartment. I'd probably have gone too! Besides, one of them was in a wheelchair. How could I possibly have reclaimed him from them when they had all bonded? That cat was great company for them.
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I am using my real first name, Lorie. The initial D is the first letter of my last name.
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Hey Cat, I always wondered, what is the 777777 thing all about?!!! ha ha ha
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buttercup429 = Larissa
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dtolle= Daniela

Great thread, and Cat, I always wanted to know about the 77777's too?? What is that??????????????????????? Maybe your lucky number?? Fill us in girl!
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Adymarie is the combo of my sister's nickname for me "Ady" and my middle name "Marie". My real name is Adrienne.
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Bubbasmom = Cindy :flash:
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Jeannie here, 3 children, 6 granddaughters and with the grandsons included, that makes a total of 9 grandkids.
This is interesting how we come up with these names.
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OMG Jeano!! I hope thats not how Cat came up with her 777777 thing!! :laughing:
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Well my name is a nickname too, my husband always calls me "Chee", my real name is Rachel...and the Chee sort of comes from "Rachy" (Rachee)

I am trying to put it in a signature, lets see how we go

Chee & Breeze (her nick name is Biddy )
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We could probably make up some good ways to come up with the 7's.
Like maybe she's the 7th daughter of the 7th son, who lives at 777 Somewhere Rd and in Apartment 7? Just an idea.
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Well, when I was signing up I got a little confused and thought I was putting sfell as a password. My name is Sabra (pronounced saybruh) my last name was Fell but since I just got married Saturday it's different now
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:laughing2...Ya know, I never thought I'd be asked that question! :laughing2, but here's the answer and it has no real mysterious meaning as some may think, actually kinda boring, but,here goes. At the time, when I joined this site, I had five cats and seven's my favorite number. Hence, five 77777's

Told ya it was boring :LOL:

But to me, one of the most exciting reasons to come home each day...(but now I have nine instead of five...:LOL

Love ya,
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Mine is boring also. Meme...Barbara

My 9 grandkids call me Meme. KF (kittyfoot aka wayne) calls me Barb or sometimes kitten!
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As my signature says, I, Amaretto, am Karen. I call myself Amaretto because that is my "in your face" cat's real name. I did that to remind me of his real name, because I call him Buddy and his sister Baby so I often forget who they are.

It has been fun seeing all those names, but Anne, you really need to tell us how to pronounce your husbands name, now. We wouldn't care except you said we can't!

Sabra, I really do love your name.

have a great day, all from the whole family

Karen, Layla, Marah, Nola
Glenn, Casey, Margie, Andrea
Nala, Meta, Rigo
Amaretto, Kahlua
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Judy here Kinda easy to figure out right????
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sinophilia - Diana
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