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Your Names

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OK, I was just taking a roll call of sorts to find out what all of your real names are. So far I have:

Blue- Katy
TLK- Darlene
Imagyne- Ken, Sandie's Husband
Michelerad- Michele
Nena10= Nena(?)
Swalker- Shannon

Of course, crescendo- Christine, my sister
And I am Caycee

So if I am wrong, or if I don't have you posted, please let me know. If you don't want to disclose your real name, then it's OK.
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Bubbles = Lindsay
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Well, mine is pretty easy - Dawn.
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Suzerq_98 is Sue. I have to make it easy or I can't remember it! <G>
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hissy- Mary Anne
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Mine is also reallllllly easy...DebbieA is my real name...also the A stands for my middle name "Ann" and the first inital of my last name...
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When I signed up I used my real name - Debra Myers/lumpysmom!
Who knew??????
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Originally posted by illusion
Blue- Katy
it's actually spelled Katie, and i also go by Kate

then there is:

airprincess = Colby
MeowMan = Chuck
nena10 = Alicia (i think?)
vlinder = Christie
alexnell = Michelle (i think?)

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I'm Heeeeeeeere!!!!!! But, I see Blue already called me in. Meowman:Chuck
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jeano here, also known as Mom, Grandma and Jeannie
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Simon's Mommy = Nicole
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TLK(Darlene) here, but I am mainly posting this to tell you that Mr.Cat is Joe, NOT Fabio,(no matter what he says)!!!!!
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Bookitty1231 - Kristina

I got bookitty from my nickname which is boobookitty like the stuffed kitty on Laverne and Shirley. My aunts idea of a joke.
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Nite=Jack Torrance
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Hello hello
My name is Joe
A signature
Appears below

The Cheshire Cat
He's where it's at
And just like me
Is somewhat fat

A great big grin
A nice strong chin
Just dreaming dreams
Of being thin

And babes galore
A sandy shore
But I've no car
I'm just a bore

I'm always broke
And sure do smoke
I'm not P. C.
But just some bloke

So thank you dear
My name's right here
Just call me Joe
And buy the beer

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My name is.....well......here goes........AMANDA:tounge2:
i am pretty boring really by not choosing another name for my login name

P.S Joe i just love the poem - fantastic
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Pretty SLICK, Joe. I thought you said you didn't write poetry. . . . . .


I like your Pink Cheshire Cat, but MoMo has requested the reappearance of the : Alley Cats in the Moonlight. . . . . . . for him and Michaela, don't you know. . .
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Fran's here a/k/a Frannie.
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I am Barb. Jugen is one is my past kitties names. He passed when he was 6 months old from FIP and I can't seem to part with the name( or his memory.) He was my little lover! I miss him so!
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I've noticed that Michelle/Michele is joining Deb and its many variations as a popular cat-person name. So is Chris/Kristina/etc. Did our parents chart our destinies with their name choices? Hmmm.

Also, to clear up some confusion I noticed on another thread (can't remember which one or I'd post this there :tounge2: )--- Grey(AKA Gray) is the name of an elderly cat, not a misspelling of Greg (my husband's name). So when I talk about Grey's grouchiness or incontinence problems, you don't get the wrong idea. .
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That was really cute, Joe *giggles*

And it is nice to meet all of you...again...by your formal names
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My real name is Laura.
But, I also answer to Doofus, "TC" The clutz and "WDA" walking disaster area.
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So if I am wrong, or if I don't have you posted, please let me know.

Hi No big deal, but it's Catarina with an "a" at the end :angel2: Thanks for remembering me too!!!!!

By the way...I loved your poem JOE!!!! You always make me smile

One more thing...hey Blinc ...perhaps we're related...my other name is "Beautiful Trainwreck"!!! :laughing:

Love &
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Just so as you know, I go by the Hebrew version of my name in everyday life and that is Anat (Both "A"s sound like the "U" in bus).

Alpha, hubby, is called Tzachi. Please don't even try to pronounce it as the site's insurance doesn't cover members' broken teeth...
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Cleo here...but my real name is Diane.
Cleo has been my nickname for years...WAY before that pyschic lady came along!:tounge2:

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Okay....I LOVE this thread....many of you (most) I already knew your real names....but several of you, I did not...and I am so glad you posted them!!! Problem is....I have such a bad memory, and I'm sure several of you will agree, this is a problem....so is there any way we could maybe put our names....(unless our nick is already our name...like mine... ) in paranthesis beside our nickname/username?

if not....that's okay..but I feel like you all are family to me...and I have such trouble remembering names!!!!!!!!

Just a thought!
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My name is Lauren. Chloe is my "special" cat's name. :vampireL: :witch: :bat
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Oh, Catarina, the "Catarine" was merely a typo on my part! I'm sorry! I am thinking of changing my handle to Typo-Girl or Typo-Queen. My fingers have a problem hitting the right keys or something

Debby, maybe we can all put our names in the comments box under our profiles, so all anyone has to do is take a quick look and be reminded what someone's real name is!
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