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Medications for Cat Diarrhea

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Hello, what are some over the counter medicines that I can give my cat to stop her diarrhea?

My cat is currently under antibiotic (because of viral infection, and now getting better). I really am not sure now if its the antibiotic that is causing her watery stool or change of diet (friskies dry to iams dry, but she never had problem with iams before when she was a kitty).
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They should never be given without direction from a veterinarian from everything I have read.

However, you can give a probiotic (spaced as far apart from administration of antibiotic) to restore healthy gut flora. You can get specific pet designed ones like Purina Fortiflora or others, or just give a half a capsule of weaker potency acidophilus available in the refrigerated health food section of most major grocery stores.

You can also see if the cat responds to fiber supplementation, by mixing in about a teaspoon of organic pumpkin (not pie filling obviously) into a 5oz can of wet food. Most cats enjoy the flavor, and pumpkin is a natural fiber matrix.
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her vet recommended LC Scour she said its available in her clinic but its expensive. So I'm wondering if there are other meds that are effective but cheaper?
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I didn't use any medicine when Misa had Diarrhea. What I did I gave her cooked chicken breast, pedialyte and a little bit of rice. She ate the chicken and pedialyte and it seemed to work well. After a few days, she made hard stools again. I think you should try it out.
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She doesn't like cooked chicken at all >.< But luckily her loose stools turned to firm stools again after her antibiotic medication's already done.

Thanks all!
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