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10 foot tall Cat Tree

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I'm about to the point that I'm just going to make my own, but was curious if anyone knew of any good narrow base floor-to-ceiling cat trees for 10 foot tall ceilings.

Most that I've seen max out at 9 foot, or have really low user reviews. Ideas?

I already asked Wesley and Buttercup to do some research,
and they said they'd be right on it, but then went back to sleep.
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My last condo tree I purchased from this store - good service, and if you find the promos or join you get additional discounts, free shipping ...

(I also use the portal store -, (
and get cash back - and they do send the check. For, the Parent of this store is
is an interesting one -

so far all I've order is the Armarkat brand, and they've been okay for the price

The faux fur isn't very padded, so it's difficult for the cat to dig in his/her claws - some have said they prefer carpet, but carpet seems to be harder to find now.
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Well, I just read the reviews on the tree I showed you as a sample - and I don't think I'd buy it. When they talk about small shelves (under 15 inches), and okay for small cats - I look elsewhere.

We have an older condo/tree and the shelves are the 15" wide, and about 1 1/2" deep - can't find them that deep anymore. I finally found it and the price is showing around $200 - which isn't in my budget.

I know there are some places that will sell you replacement parts - maybe you could buy replacement parts at a good enough cost and build your own.

I wish there was a manufacture that showed you plans of possibilities and provided parts you could buy and build your own to suit your particular needs.

The condo/tree we just bought for Buddy didn't work in some areas, so we re-arranged. See Buddy's pic on the tree: ( I didn't buy it at Amazon - but at the CSN store - for about $131.

I think it would be fun for you to build your own - of course with Buttercup and Wesley's help - and record your adventure for us to watch on your youtube channel.
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Thanks Gloria! Yeah this is exactly the kind I was thinking of:

BUT, they say its for 9 foot ceilings.

I did some more reading, and consensus seems to be that a compression fit pole like I was thinking would not be sturdy enough for lively ~10lb cats for such a tall ceiling. Doh!

The reason for a narrow base and such a tall one, was really just a way for them to get up and down from bay window shelves I was going to put in my bedroom the way I did in the greatroom. Grats on the nice tree btw.
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Have you thought of a store bought tree on a homemade base of 2 feet high? If your handy enough to consider making your own tree it should be doable

I am in the reverse issue with to low ceilings in the area I want a floor to ceiling
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