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Is he neutered?

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I feel really silly to ask this, but how can I tell if a cat has been neutered? When I was playing with Gizmo (our new stray), I thought I had seen some little balls hanging there. But after I look more, it doesn't look like any other unneutered cat I've seen. He's got 2 little nubs...almost like mini testicles. But yet they don't look like testicles.

Anyone have pictures of a neutered male? Bud is neutered, but after looking at him I can't see where they were before. He almost looks like girl!

I'm just confused...I can't tell if he's been neutered or not!
Thanks in advance!
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Umm, Shell, you're asking us for kitty porn ??


I don't know if my boys would tolerate us taking photos of their (former) manhood...
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Kitty Porn! You crack me up!
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little balls hanging there

I just came here to laugh.. I've always had female cats so I have no clue
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I know before we got Sunshine fixed, he looked like he had two grapes stuck to him. They were that big!

Now he, like all the other boy cats here, has mini-balls.

I am getting dirty looks from the male cats right now. I'd better stop before they plot something devious...
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Giz has those miniballs...I'm starting to think that maybe he was neutered. I'll try to get a pic tomorrow.

Sue, you crack me up Girl! Those cats are gonna plot something against you if you don't leave their miniballs alone! I bet they're thinking about coughing up a hairball in the middle of the night knowing that you'll step right in it when you get up!
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They did that last night. I started this AM by stepping on a cold hairball and having it squish between my toes. Talk about a RUDE awakening!!!
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That's one of the worst! EWWWW! I bet it's funny as hell to watch someone step in a hairball..once you step in it, the reality hits and then you try to hop to the bathroom with out putting that foot on the floor!
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Shell, did you have a camera hidden in here? That is exactly the way it went!

We switched them recently from Nutro Max to Nutro Max Hairball Remedy. I think it is getting all the gunk out of them, as it's been hairball central around here for the past week or so.
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LOL! I knew I couldn't have been the only one that does the one foot hop to the John!

Hope the hairball food helps! Luckily, my cats haven't had any hairball problems lately. *crossing my fingers and knocking on wood*
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Shell, I believe there are two ways to have a kitty neutered.

There's the older way, where I think they remove the testicles/scrotum - and the boy kitty now looks like a girl from the back.

Spike had a newer procedure where they make a tiny incision in each side of the scrotum and uhm.. suck out the testicles. Then they put glue where the incision was instead of using stitches.

When Spike was neutered he came back a bit swollen back there... so they looked bigger when I brought him home than before the neutering. Once the swelling went down, they shrunk to a "little ball" size.

Hope that's some help.
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