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I have 3 purebreds with papers, 2 without, and 1 non-pedigreed kitty.
The two without are a mother and daughter that I cannot get papers on because CFA keeps telling me that you cannot have a flame point female, and I'm too stubborn to list her as a tortie(she is white w/flame points and no third color ).
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Zip, Zero, Nadda, but that is not to say that I want get one before I die. I have always had DSH. But am eyeballing a Himmi maybe in the future.
originally posted by Blondiecat.

Hey Blondiecat, I have a 6 month old female Himmie that I'm trying to find a good home for......she's the last one I've got left!
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Never had a cat with pedigree. I would love to get a Ragdoll. There's a breeder about 20 minutes from me, but I just can't justifying spending the money on one when there are so many unwanteds. One of these days tho ....
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Closest I ever had was a Manx - no papers, a rescue from a shelter. Boy, talk about a wide body on that boy - he was able to lay on our chests with his arms easily on either side of our torso. Of the 30+ cats that I've had in my lifetime, he ranked up near the top of my favorite list.

He was very maternal to any kitten we brought into the house, even to the point that he would nurse them, and yes, long enough to actually draw milk (the vet was stunned).

Anyone have experience with a Manx?
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none here. All my kitties are feral babies I would LOVEEEE to have a british short hair some day or a ragdoll. I really really would love to breed british shorthairs.
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We had a Manx when I was a child. We loved him. My parents allowed him to be an indoor/outdoor cat, and right about the time he was 2 years old, someone stole him from us.
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