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How many "petigreed"....

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I have two beautiful female Ragdolls, and one DSH. I was wondering how many "petigreed" cats have you had in your life? I am talking about cats that you have kept. Do not count kittens if you are a breeder, and sold them. I have had over 40 cats in my life but only "2" with papers. How about you?
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Zip, Zero, Nadda, but that is not to say that I want get one before I die. I have always had DSH. But am eyeballing a Himmi maybe in the future.
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Beau, my Burmese is the first cat with papers. I may have others in the future, I will have to wait and see.
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I've had pure bread cats but no papers. It's cheaper that way and their just as lovable!
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I had a purebred siamese but no papers. Don't need papers, doesn't make them any more loveable. My little Chewy is the pride of my life right now and he isn't even a "pure" bred.
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Tiki is my only purebreed cat (Himmie)and I adopted her because her owners got rid of her because she peed on the bed. But all the other cats I've ever had were mixes that I found on the street or adopted us.
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I would love to have a purebred Siamese someday, but so far, every single one of my cats has been a mixed breed.
And I loved them all.
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Spike is my first cat and is a mix. So, to answer your question, zero.
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I've had 3, all without papers. When I was 7, my mom got me a Seal Point Siamese. Currently, I have Khepera (Abyssinian) and Sasha (Ragdoll). Coal is a Russian Blue mix. I suspect Tillie has some Persian in her ancestry. The others are all DSH, except Romeo, who is a DMH.
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None here, and don't see any in our future.
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I should clarify...yes, I have two purebreed cats. HOWEVER, they were both adopted from shelters. They were rescues. In the case of Sasha, his human dad was over in Iraq with the military, and his human mom was pregnant, so she brought him to the SPCA. Khepera was rescued by the Ocean City NJ Humane Society from a neglectful/abusive situation and was nursed back to health before we adopted him.

We tell Tillie she is our most expensive cat ($700 in dental bills!) so she feels superior to the purebred cats anyway
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Originally posted by Hermoine
I had a purebred siamese but no papers. Don't need papers, doesn't make them any more loveable. My little Chewy is the pride of my life right now and he isn't even a "pure" bred.
I started this thread....and it is NOT about which cats are better purebreed or not. The only advantage to having a petigreed cat with "papers" is you will get a cat that habits and life style are more predictable than cats that are not petigreed, and of course if you want to breed. I am just asking out of curiousity
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Khepera is such a typical Aby. He is very interested in everything that is happening, always on the alert. He loves to be petted but not to be held. I wish he had his claws, I can tell he would love to climb the cat tree (and anything else!). I feel like he was cheated out of part of his "heritage" by being declawed, as Abys are known to be climbers. He also seems to like water; when he comes up to the water bowl, he sticks a paw in it and splashes it around, then does the same with the other one. He licks the water off his paws and then goes in for a drink. Silly kitty!

Sasha, on the other hand, failed Ragdoll school . He is a bully. He loves to start something with the other cats, but the minute they stand up to him, he runs to Tybalt "Oh no they're picking on me!". He does love to be held like a baby, though, and adores being brushed.
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I have a purebred Bengal with no papers. Someday I hope to adopt a Maine Coon!
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You are an ANGEL to all cats Sue.. If I was a cat....I would not mind being owned by you....LOL
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Non of my cats have papers. Except for adoption papers from the shelter
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LOL! I have said for years, when I die, I want to be reincarnated as a pampered housecat. I could handle their kind of life! Sleep, eat, play, sleep, play...
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...and using the litterbox! Can't forget that!
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Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
LOL! I have said for years, when I die, I want to be reincarnated as a pampered housecat. I could handle their kind of life! Sleep, eat, play, sleep, play...
Yeah......life as a cat could be very good if you have a loving owner that spoils ya rotten They live such simple lives. It take little to keep them happy in their lives. Why can't we learn from this? Almost NO stress in a cats life compared to our own.
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Umm, thanks Shell, for shattering my illusions.
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OOPS! Sorry about that!
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Yeah.....If I were a cat....my owner better scoop my box more than once a day or I will pee in the living room....LMFAO...
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Out of six, we have one that is totally full bred...Micah, our fawn Aby. Even then, he was a rescue kitty.
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Hi Bob- As you know I breed persians so all my cats have papers, my nana(who I live with) has a domestic shorthair called "Diamonds" , she's very sweet. I have never owned a domestic cat.
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There so very few ethical breeders here in Israel, that buying a pedigreed cat is often more trouble than its worth. I have even had ragdolls with aggression problems come for treatment (I do behavior counselling). I think the important thing with purebreds is to buy one that comes from an ethical breeder. An ethical breeder would also supply you with papers, but that is not to say that any breeder that had papers for his cats is also an ethical breeder.

With purebreds, because the genetic pool is relatively small, it's very important that the breeder knows his/her job well. Otherwise you end up with cats that are more prone to health and behavior problems - not less. Again, papers are no proof that the breeder is a good breeder.

Of course, I'm all for rescuing from shelters - mixed breeds or purebreds. The above is just a general warning. People tend to think that with purebreds you get a cat or dog that is in better health and has a more predictable behavior. This is true - but only if the breeder is a good one and not a backyard breeder.

Same reason why you should never breed your purebred cat, even is she is pedigreed (i.e. has papers) unless you're a professional breeder with a good breeding plan.

Just my 2 cents
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I was able to fulfill my fondest wish. And, I purchased a beautiful sealpoint Himmie Bonnie Bell. I looked high and low for a daddy and finally found HIMSELF - a manly bluepoint. My Bonnie presented me with six perfect sealpoint treasures. I caught them in my hand and cut their unbilical cords and sterile scissors! Bonnie had a large box which I wallpapered with tiny pink roses LOL. I was REALLY into this! Anyhow, it was sooo painful to sell the kittens that I got Bonnie fixed soon after. I had not intended to let her have more than one litter anyway. I kept her daughter April Dawn,. If I can ever figure out how to get pictures in HERE I will show them to you. I lost them to old age 2 years ago, they were 13 and 14. They were the dearest to my heart, even tho' all of my kids are very loved!
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Years ago ex-hubby and I had a beautiful siamese. I have a Bengal now.

The rest have all been cats that have found us.

I would love to someday, have a British Short-hair.
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I have 2 petigreed Siamese cats, and a petigreed Persian. My elderly Siamese, Snoopy has the sweetest disposition of any cat I've ever met. He's practically perfect in every way, but my 6 year old Siamese, Shane does have some agression problems. I don't know if it's bad breeders, or what. My Persian is pretty typical of all Persians, he's very laid back.
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Nakita is 100% Russian Blue (but she is much more adventurous than the breed description suggests)! Previous to Nakita, my family had three non-pedigree cats, one being a mixed seal point Siamese named Kissa who lived till her early twenties.

Boy I miss her!
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Loki is a Bengal but since I got him through the Bengal Rescue Network I do not have papers.
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