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Anything with the digitally "talking" babies creeps me out.

The one for cough medicine (implying that men are "big babies" when they are sick) is the creepiest. The baby's head is blown up to be as big as an adult's.

There was a whole movie using this effect a while ago, and it was torture for me to watch TV then. The promos were conatantly on, and I was constantly changing the channel.

There's one now in this style (probably in Canada only)that is slightly creepy; it takes place "in the future" and a just-walking baby is supposedly toilet trained, and is shown heading into the bathroom with a newspaper, hopping on, and reading away.

I have no idea why this is so odd to me; talking animals are OK, why not babies? Any amatuer psychologists out there want to take a stab at it?

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All of those baby/diaper things scare the HELL out of me. Or should I say that the people who find them cute,charming and witty scare me.

While we're at it about ads...why do you women feel you gotta tell everyone about your "feminine aids". Can you imagine the guy version.
"Hey Joe,whadda you do for jock itch?" "Why I use new miracle Dr Whippie's......." Don't think so.. :tounge2:
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Hey Kittyfoot, I hate those feminine ads, too. We women are quite capable of making a choice while in the store, we don't need to deal with it being on TV, too. No one I know talks like that anyway.

What is up with the new trend in advertising prescription drugs? The side effects sound worse than the symptoms. I can't stand those commercials. Isn't that why we go to the doctor?

Maybe we don't like those baby commercials because we know that someday those babies will be talking, and we prefer them not to at this point?
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Hey Kittyfoot...haven't you ever seen the Cruex commercials?
Haven't seen one in awhile, but they were for a jock itch ointment :LOL:

And the Preparation-H ads really burn my butt...er...chap my hide...no wait, they annoy me, ok?

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I saw that Levi's,singing bellybutton,"I'm coming out", commercial for the first time the other day. It reminds me of the Aliens' movie when creatures come bursting out of peoples stomachs.
The commercial would have been ok if they used the song but left the bellybuttons still. But, making bellybuttons appear ALIVE just makes me want to cover mine up - not buy the low rise jeans!
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My post yesterday seems to have tempted the fates...

I read this morning in the TV guide that there is a new show airing this fall *told from the point of view of a talking baby!!!*
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