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Commercials that frighten me

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Have you all seen that new Levi's low-cut jeans commercial with the singing belly buttons? Frankly, that commercial scares the crap out of me.

Another one that scares me? The Pepperidge Farms Goldfish Crackers commercial. Have you ever really listened to the jingle? At one point it goes "It's the snack that smiles back until you bite their heads off" That just doesn't set well with me for some reason..

Almost as scary as those talking toilet commercials for Vanish I think it was.. :laughing2
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i just saw that Levi's commercial yesterday and it wasnt till the second time it came on,
that i realized what was happening.

it made me giggle, more so, then creep me out, but, it was a little creepy too.

i hate that goldfish commercial as well! yuck!

i dont watch that much t.v. and i especially avoid commercials, but, if i think
of another one that's frightening, i'll let ya know
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All the current fragrance commercials "Creep Me Out" :jarswim:

The men and women in them look like "Poster Children for ANOREXIA" !!!! Or "Children of the Night" :bat :bat :bat :bat :bat :bat

Whose idea of "beautiful" is a girl with greasy hair, in an over-sized formal and desert boots; standing in a rope swing with a "Lemon-sucked expression" on her face ? ? ? ? d

Maybe not SCAREY; but definitely WIERD.
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Saw this commercial, actually a 2-parter, on Animal Planet...it's not fightening but itv makes me sad

It shows a boy sitting in front of the T.V., his dog comes in but the boy ignores him. The dog keeps bringing in toys, doing tricks, even riding a scooter...but the boy just continues watching the tube.

In the second part the dog is shown packing up his food dish, bone, leash, toys, etc. into a suitcase. He sadly looks at a picture of the boy on the dresser then goes into the room and sets it down in front of him, but the boy continues watching T.V.

Then the dog is gone.

The first time I saw it, my eyes just welled up and I grabbed Lily and cuddled her 'til she wriggled free and scampered off!

That commercial tugs at the heart strings!

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Cleo, that is a sad commercial...It was on "The Planet's Funniest Animals" or something. I'm not sure what it was for, but if it's supposed to be funny...that's disturbing.
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I can't think of any that creep me out, but one that I really enjoy is where this guys is riding shot gun in a pick up truck & he says something to the effect of 'I don't know why I bother, you never listen to me. do you want to just go back home?' long shot to show the mans dog is driving. they both turn to the side & see a bunch of ducks in a field and the man says 'oh no you don't' and the dog steers the truck into the field to chase the ducks & then the truck goes into a pond.

the commercial is for car insurance. I'm not sure if it's Geico or not.

that commercial. it's my favorite.
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The one commercial that really pisses me off is a kid and his father go into a pet store. They see this puppy in a cage that is very loving (I'm not sure if I'm getting this exactly right). The kid says he wants the puppy and the dad whips out his credit card. Anyway, I probably have the scenario wrong but the message the commercial is sending is that it's better to buy a pet from a pet store than rescue one. That burns my ass.

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Donna; I hear you!!!! That one burns
me too!!! Also, I think the wrong message is sent by the commercial for the "check card" where it takes forever to get the check okayed and the rabbits multiply like wildfire. . . . . Doesn't anyone realize that over population by any type of pet is not a "laughing matter" or to be condoned.
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In most commercials I see where one person is more selfish than the other. Mainly candy and popcorn commercials, where one person from a couple hogs all the goodies and refuses to share. I keep thinking of the old commercials like Good-N-Plenty and CrackerJack where the emphasis was on sharing not hoarding. I don't watch much television, but when I do I yearn for a button that can fast-forward through all the mindless advertising. John D. MacDonald had it right when he penned that television is a laxative for the brain.
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Advertisements on television and radio, like advertisements in newspapers and magazines, are not mundane digressions from the content. They are the content! Edward R. Murrow's fear, that television would become nothing more than lights and wires in a box, has long since become reality.

But . . . we're in an era of disgusting commercials, for sure. The ones I detest are the many mastication-noise "eating" commercials. They make all other commercials seem downright intellectual! The belly-button commercial, for the kind of jeans young people wore 30 years ago, is really bad; but at least it's not related to the automotive industry.

"Car" commercials are the worst! Here in the Portland metropolitan area — an urban area to be sure — we're subjected to a Madison Avenue mentality which holds that all people in Oregon are either Hee-Haw County hillbillies who want pick-'em-up trucks or suburban middle-class yuppies who want gas-guzzler "sport utility vehicles" (the tires of which never get dirty even on the bottom). Pardon me, while I look for the nearest barf bag!

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Those singing belly buttons creep me out, too. I felt the same way about Teddy Ruxpin, the talking bear from a while back. Ick.
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Mr. Cat, I abhor those Carl's Jr. commercials that show those people eating! The first ones were of attractive women, and I suppose it was meant to be erotic or something, but to me it was just downright disgusting. Now they have fat men with plumber's butt doing it. When my father was alive when I was a young child, he was disgusted by any sort of smacking noises while eating, and I would get scolded for chewing with my mouth open, so that is very ingrained in me. Also my cousin with Down's Syndrome would eat with his mouth open, and he drooled, so eating a meal with him was an extremely nauseating experience. When my sister was really young, she would throw a tantrum when she'd have to eat at the same table as him. Now before you all get on my case thinking he couldn't help himself, let me asure you he was old enough and able to have learned some manners, it was just that my grandmother, who was his guardian, never taught him.

Alexnell: my sister had a Teddy Ruxpin! She pulled it's mouth off. When the movie "Child's Play came out, I was in 7th grade. A friend and I went to see it, and she was so freaked out by it that we had to stand in the back of the theater near the lighted doorway. In the car on the way home she, my mother, and I started talking about Teddy Ruxpin-vs-Chucky. Anyway, I thought it was just SO funny that my friend was such a wuss (and I also wanted to get back at her for making me stand in the back during the whole movie) so that night, while she was sleeping, I got my sister's Teddy Ruxpin doll out of the closet and laid it in bed with my friend. When she woke up in the morning and rolled over to see Teddy staring her in the face she screamed so loud that she could wake the dead :laughing2

Anyway, another commercial that disturbs me: Red Lobsters' Lobsterfest commercial that plays the song "Nowhere to Run To" while showing all these lobsters running on the ocean floor. Didn't our parents always tell us never to play with our food? Nothing like TAUNTING our food before it's cooked. Ugh!
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:laughing2 I just found this site, http://www.adcritic.com where you can watch commercials in Quicktime.

One I recommend: http://www.adcritic.com/content/impe...rine-spud.html

And here's one most of you can appreciate, although be warned, it's feline-sexualy explicit:
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I don't watch much tv at all...actually NONE!!! So, I can't relate to any of this. I listen to the news or read a lot and that's about it.

As far as those commercials go Illusion, I'm downloading my plug in for Quick Time now...Lord knows what happened to it. I'm waiting with baited breath! I'm sure this should be good!

Thanks & Love,
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The commercial depicting the poor little neglected dog who runs away was accompanied with this message "There are better things to do than watch T.V."
I think it's very effective, even though it makes me sad.

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Illusion.... I also was scared stiff by the dancing belly buttons!!! :laughing: and I hated the "till you bite them off" goldfish cracker commercials...seriously....I noticed that too...and thought, gee...how nice.

Donna and Darlene... I am not in ANY way defending the commercial you both are talking about....(in the pet store with the visa) but here is my interpretaion of it....(this is how I took it)...but then again....noone ever said I was too smart... )

The commercial I saw, several times....had a father and his little boy in a pet shop. The little boy is looking at this adorable puppy, with a huge price tag on it, and then they see a cage with an equally adorable puppy in it, but the price is WAY cheaper....so the dad talks his son into getting the cheaper puppy, by saying...all dogs need a home, even this one....or something along those lines....and so then then they tell the pet store owner they will take the cheaper puppy.....and he opens the pups cage to get him out, and the puppy almost eats his hand off....thus prompting the dad, to look at the expensive puppy, and take out his Visa.

I guess I didn't find anything offensive about it, I kind of thought it was a cute commercial!!!
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Catarina: Did you get a chance to see the PETA ad? It was early in the morning and I had yet to sleep, and I just started laughing so hard when I saw that ad. It really does get it's point across.

For anyone who doesn't have Quicktime, there is a Real Meadia format version at this site: http://www.fixcats.com

I was thinking about starting a thread just for that ad.


Debby: I Have been meaning to look up that Goldfish jingle so I can post it here. There really is soemthing disturbing about mixing the lyrics "until you bite their heads off" with an ad for a product that is popular with children. Eep!
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the day after I got back from camp, I read this thread. that evening was the first time I saw the singing belly-button commercial. halfway through, I ran from the room with my ear covered and my eyes shut! that is the freakiest thing I have ever seen! but I do have a favorite commercial.
it's for the Jack In a box burger place, and it's got Jack (the guy with a ball for a head) and some promotions guy in there, watching a possible ad for the resteraunt. the guy is sitting there by two people on treadmills who are eating things like french fries, and buffalo wings. meanwhile, the guy says things like, "eating foods high in cholesteral improve circulation" and "I also believe that eating bacon prevents hair-loss" then it shows jack, and he says "Where did you find this guy?" and the promotions guy shrugs and says, "A tobacco company"
the first time I saw that, I laughed so hard I thought I was gonna stop breathing! if you've never seen it, you're missing out. but maybe that's just the teenager in me talking.
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You guys are so funny. I HATE that goldfish commercial. I am a vegetarian and it repulses me. I don't think it's cute at all. I am sorry I have missed the Belly button commercial.

I will tell you that I really hate any local automobile commercials. I can have my television volume way down and when one of those shouting idiots can wake the dead!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!! It seems the volume just doubles when one comes on!!!!
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Dear Alexnell

You bet your sweet I saw that ad and almost fell over!!! :laughing2: :laughing2::laughing2: What a great message and hilarious at that!!! :LOL:

We need more people like that in this world! Powerful statement indeed!!!!

Great site!! Thanks, I advise everyone to take a look at this...!!!

Thanks again...

Love &,
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The fluffy white one looks sooooo much like Alexander. Interestingly, the orange one it was with bears a resemblance to my first foster cat, Tommy. Hmmm...
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I'm not the same Michelle that posted above about the Jack-in-the-Box ad. Wish I could have gone to camp, though.
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Has anybody noticed that the best/funniest commercials are made by the beer companies?? We have a company called Alexander Kieth's Ales which has commercials that rival the best tv movies. They play like a soap opera..one leads into the other. All is set in colonial days.

Most cat food commercials are ok...some real pretty cats there.
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Consider yourself fortunate in respect to beer commercials! Hereabouts, beer commercials are really stupid. I cannot begin to describe the magnitude of the stupidity, some of which features animals being killed. Mind, the local breweries here don't advertise via television: It's the big-shot national-level breweries which put these Bozo-level commercials on television here.

The local breweries around here are so-called "micro-breweries" — in other words, "yuppie" breweries. So television is, I'm sure, a totally-uncool medium for them — which is ironic since television is a "cool" (impersonal) medium from the standpoint of human psychology, radio being a "hot" (personal) medium.

Anyway, I'll take the singing navels any day over the idiotic major-brewery commercials. When I lived back east, as a kid, I recall regional beer commercials — like "My beer is Reingold (sp?) the dry beer." If memory serves they had "dry," "extra dry," and maybe "extra extra dry" beer. I still don't know what the term "dry beer" means!

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Maybe it means you make dust clouds when you..break wind.

Actually,I quit any form of boose years ago,came too close to disaster. But I do remember some good Bud commercials and the Silver Bullet.

It is a shame tho how beer has become so pervasive in everything. It seems you can't go anywhere without some drunk being obnoxious.
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Dear Illusion and Alexnell...

Sorry for the mixup! Darn, I must be human and all this while I thought I was a cat! I feel like this rat!
I still go back to check on that site...what riot that is!

By the way Cleo...I do remember and it was a sad commercial, but you were so right...it did stike a nerve!!!
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AWWWWW, what a cute picture of the cat & the rat!!! (no I did NOT say the cat in the hat...LOL... :laughing: )
I have a commercial I LOVE... even though this thread is for scary commercials...has anyone seen the sony playstation commercial, with the "good hedgehog...bad hedgehog"?? They both look exactly like my two hedgehogs...Spike and Penelope! I think Penelope looks more like the "evil" hedgie!!! :laughing:
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Congratualtons Tina!:flash: What a wonderful site, I think you should start a thread so everyone will know and go visit!!!

Love &,
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That singing belly button commercial is really creepy:confused3 There was a great commercial on not too long ago, I don't remember what for. It shows a well-dressed couple on their way to the theater or something. They're in a lot of traffic, and it is raining. There is a scared-looking dog on the side of the road, in the rain, and near all that traffic. The man looks at the woman, their tickets, and stops to get the dog. It might have been a car commercial. It brought a lump to my throat, and I usually avoid watching commercials, since they mostly insult anyone with a brain.
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