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Kitty Colds--How Contagious? How Serious?

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My new kitten came home on 8/9/03 and is in the last stages of a cold (sporadic cough, occasional hoarseness), of which the breeder informed me.

The vet concluded that she is recouping from the cold (no fluid in the lungs) and suggested that the baby be secluded for a full week.

My concern is this: I want to let her out sooner because she's going stir-crazy in our tiny bathroom, and our adult cat is very curious about her; but I don't know how bad that would be, since she has some cold symptoms yet. (The vet said Simon could already get it from the baby just being in the house, so I don't see the reason for keeping her holed up too much longer.)

So should I wait a full week (my husband calls that option "animal cruelty"), or can I let her out a bit sooner?


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I would keep her contained. Colds are nasty and once they take hold they are sometimes hard to quell. When you think of the fact that this baby will be with you a very long time (hopefully) a week is not all that long. I would go with your vet's advice. IMO
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I too would go with the seperation. As hard as it is to have them seperated, it would be harder on you and your resident cat if the cold was passed on. Upper respiratory infections are easily spread from cat to cat. Even cats showing no visible signs of a respiratory infection can pass one along.
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*sigh* I was afraid ya'll would say that. But I know it's for the best. (Did I mention that it's a pain contorting myself just to fit into the kittens room? Gotta squeeze in amongst food dishes, carrier and toilet.)

So if her symtoms do not worsen (no nose/ eye discharge, pink-rimmed eyes, etc.--which aren't present now), is it "safe" to expose her to Simon this upcoming Saturday? I don't want to wait beyond that time, if at all possible. As it is, they are "greeting" one another beneath the door with little paw pats.
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it is safe to expose her when the vet gives her the all clear and her medicine is gone.
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OMG colds are soooo easy to catch! My WHOLE inside crew got them! They are just starting to get better!
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She's not on any medication. The vet says she won't give her any unless she worsens, which is unlikely at this point. That's why I'm confused as to when it's really "safe" to let her meet Simon face-to-face. As it is, I have my husband telling me that it's "animal cruelty" to keep her pent up in the bathroom. I've got guilt on all possible sides. Sheesh.
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My cat rescue group and our vets believe a cat with a cold should be on antibiotics to prevent a secondary bacterial infection which could be a lot worse and that cats are prone to getting. For adult cats we usually give them clavamox 62.5 mg twice a day.
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Jenk- if you cat has a cold (diagnosed) and the vet does not have her on antibiotics, I would be shopping for another vet. Is there a reason he gives for not putting her on antibiotics? Even a small kitten can take amoxydrops safely, though clavamox would be a bit to much for it?
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my vet didn't want to put the cats on meds right way because he said alot of times it is viral like a people cold and they are best to fight it off themselves. he did say if the discharge was any color other then clear or if there eyes got red to give them meds. I ended up picking up eye meds but knock on wood most of them did not need antibotics.
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My vet is quite good (except for wanting to give rabies shots annually). She is extremely thorough in her examination, which impresses me.

My kitty goes back this Saturday to have her (spay) stitches removed; I will ask the vet at that time about the possible need to medicate her. Previously, she said that unless the kitty's symptoms suddenly worsen, she'd prefer not to medicate her, as antibiotics do nothing for a virus. The med's could only prevent a bacterial infection, which our kitty does not exhibit.
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So your cat is also post-op for a spay and isn't on anti-biotics?? In my experience it is always indicated that a post-op cat for a spay be on anti-biotics.

And yes a cold is viral but cats are prone to secondary bacterial infections which are much worse than colds so a little preventative action with meds can go a long way to protecting your cat. True, in the US we over-prescribe anti-biotics to people but that is a different story.
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I have had a lot of spays here stephen and never have they been put on antibiotics except one time when the cat developed an infection. They get a pain shot prior to going home than three days rest then they are released back out in the colony.
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