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New Smilies!!

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I've added some new smilies. Here are some of the new guys. I'll let you explore the rest.

:girly2: :bubbly: :daisy: :lips: :bat :mimouse: :sleep3: :baloon: :girly1:

And this one for all your computers problems: May you never have to use it
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Oooh cool! I like the bat.

Are those smiley face girls holding pom-poms or flowers BTW?
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A new for Mr. Cat.

A for Airprincess

I personally like the , as I feel this way with my speedy

dial-up connection

These new smilies get the

from me.

Now go and rest Anne!
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These are wonderful - Thank you!
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Anne; Thank you for the NEW SMILIES!!!!
I have wanted for a long-g-g-g time!!! ('cause, "some days you feel like a ; some days you don't. . . . . . . )

I can't wait to find reasons to use some of the other NEW ones!!!
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they are great, Anne, thank you!

and if you ever need more, you know who to call :girly1:
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these's one between the dollars one and the angel5 that has no name. Can you please tell me what it is? Also you can't put it on the screen. I think it is cute but it needs a name! LOL! I think you should call it twitch!
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Listen up,I have an...let's !! Turn up the , I'll and the:girly1: :girly2: can :blubturq: or even. It'll be !!!!!

However if the or tho ol:bat :bat and the arrive,I'm ...don't wanta wind up:jarswim: !!!

tell me or :foot:
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I fixed the nameless smilie. His name is goof (that's the way he was born, though I do like twitch...)

thanks for for noting his problem and helping him out!
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Thank you for the wonderful new emoticons!

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Anne I just the new icons - you have my favourite flower there :daisy: you deserve a for all the work you put in
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yay! I love new smilies!!!!!

this makes my day

thanks Anne!
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Great name Anne! I think he DOES look more goofy then twitchy!
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nobody wants to come to my Poor :foot: is out in the cold
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YaY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! New smilies!!!!!!! :flower: :flower: :flower: :flower:
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Thank you Anne for the new similies!!!! I will have to try them out, when I have more time!!!!!
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