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Bass Ackwards in PA

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PA Neuters Cat Control Plans

BIRDSBORO, PA-August 11, 2003 — A plan to trap, neuter and release stray cats has been shelved because the Pennsylvania Game Commission says it's unlawful.

Borough Manager Randall Miller says a game commission warden told him the borough could be fined $100 for each trapped animal if it uses the program proposed by the Fairchild Foundation of Wyomissing.

That's because wildlife conservation officials say it's unlawful for someone to release an animal, such as a cat, into the wild.

Jack Cutler, co-founder of the Fairchild Foundation, says the group has withdrawn its proposal until there is a formal determination by the state about what is allowed under trap, neuter and release programs. Cutler says he expects a final decision from the game commission in about a month.


Jeez, what brainchildren they are (the Game Commission). They are talking about re-releasing ferals, not abandoning housecats.
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Sigh......sometimes you just can't win. I think these people need to start using their brains and look at the situation in a logical manner rather than coming up with lame reasons for why it can't be done.
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It has bin done all over the world , so why not there ??? Maybe more education is in order
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I guess PA could use the money they will save on the TNR program to arrest all the idiots who throw their pets out on the street. Jeez....what were they thinking!?!?!?!?
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I don't know what they were thinking. Obviously, not much.

We want to do our share to get laws changed in PA, still spinning our wheels though trying to figure out how to and where to get started.
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I used to work for the Commonwealth( Department of Environmental Protection), and while I concur that the Game Commission is pretty much looney, the problem here is the law. Trust me, PA has many really stupid laws. If you want to fight the law, I'd suggest flooding both the game commission and the legislators with phone calls, letters emails, etc. Definitely, try to get as many rescue groups involved as possible. I'm not sure how the game commission works, but maybe push (with the backing of a legislator) for a public hearing on the issue. When you write, provide as many statistics as you can about programs in other places and the benefit they provide.

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Thanks! I appreciate the information.
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If I can do anything help, please let me know.
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so what are you guys doing? I live in PA and am not liking this ban on tnr.. I've had over 15 cats (that I have cared for--probably many more that I haven't) dropped off on my road alone in my lifetime, and why should they have to pay because their owners were irresponsible and ignorant??
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I met a woman from Alley Cat Allies last weekend at a cat show. She said they are working on this right now. Her suggestion was the same as Callmekitten's: write, write, write to your legislators asking them to support TNR. Alley Cat Allies has stats on their site that will help.
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