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Is it up and running Anne? Last nite I signed into the other forum. Now today this one. Looks good.
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I like it too! I have been playing with the differnt colors for the personal preferences so far I am leaning towards the Chocolate and Cream and the Greens. Heck I like them all
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to pre-launch the same day the newsletter comes out,(which is soon) this should give everyone a chance to test the new designs, but the official launch date will be the first week in September during our Anniversary Extravaganza!
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Well so far so good for me! I have only used the Pinky paws theme for the most part though.
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I haven't had a chance to play. What does that color scheme apply to? Just your private place or the forums?
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I believe the color scheme's work on your cp and the forums.
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Originally posted by mzjazz2u
I believe the color scheme's work on your cp and the forums.
Sry i dont undersand what color scheme what are you guys talking about.
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Laura, if you go to your user cp and then to edit options, and scroll down almost to the bottom you will see some colors added- you can click on the colors of your choice and the forums will change into those hues.
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Pinky Paws gets my vote too. I love it!
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Thank you i got it i like the old lavender it is nice thanks again
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I love Pinky Paws!
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Whn the site is up and running, will we always have the choices or is this a way to find out which colour choice is popular and stick with it?
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Anne wants to leave the color selection up to the individual member. I think it is a really unique idea, and I know in the morning when I am half asleep the default wakes me up. Then toward the afternoon I switch to green eyes or chocolate and just enjoy the change. At night I drift into lavender or blues- but sorry the pink is a bit to much for me!
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Oh thank goodness for that, I love it that we can pick our own backgrounds! Way cool!
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I'm still trying to get use to it but yes I do think it looks good!!
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If all works well and I can get a programmer to write me a patch for something else I need (without conflicting with this feature) then I plan on leaving this feature active.
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Great!! I like to be able to change the colors according to my moods for the day.
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