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Peeing/Pooping in my flower pots

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I have 4 adult cats and have been through numerous different kinds of cat litters. Automatic kinds, crystal cat litter, clay cat litter, clumping cat litter. Initially we were having trouble with our big boy male, but we found out he had crystals and we cleared that up. We have now switched to the tidy cat breeze system and we love it. 3 of the cats seem to love it. One of them has taken to peeing/pooping in the flower pots in our enclosed pool area. (the only outdoor place they are allowed) She really seems to HATE the tidy cat breeze pellets but she will pee on the rocks in the flower pots. We put Kabob skewers in the pots to deter her from doing it, but it didn't seem to stop her, she found a way around it (no clue how) and is still managing to poop there. I usually don't catch her doing it, but she knows she's not supposed to. I read the inappropriate peeing thread, but nothing there really seems to apply. Any thoughts?
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Have you tried
Its all natural made from corn litter......
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A lot of cats don't like pellets, and there is really not much you can do about it... Since he has been peeing/pooping on where he is not supposed to, I would buy a large, uncovered litterbox and fill it with cat attract litter. That should solve it. Good luck!
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