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Diarrhea in 3 wk old kitten

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Today I started fostering for a local cat rescue- they brought me two 3 week old kittens (not litter mates). The female is smaller, but otherwise appears healthy. She doesn't suck well on the bottle but between that and lapping up some milk she got enough. She was rescued 2 days ago.

The male's rear end is, well, swollen and kinda pushed out. There was a stain of feces when I got him. When it was time to feed, one of his eyes was gunked shut. He ate well, sucking on the bottle easily and lapping some milk too. When he pooed, it was very watery and brown in color. He was rescued 4 days ago.

When I say milk, I do mean KMR. They also licked up a bit of gravy from canned food, but not much. The foster before me had started them with it.

I am keeping a warm rice sock in their carrier and covering the carrier with a towel as well to keep them warm. I'm in the Portland, Oregon area so it's a bit warm (not hot) during the day and chilly at night.

I'm worried about the male- any advice is welcome!

Also, I was told by the previous foster parent to feed them every 3 hours, but there is much conflicting advice online. Any of you experts have a suggestion?

I've done the bottle feeding thing before, but it has been several years.

ETA: I did send an email to the rescue to let them know the condition of the kittens.
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Have you possibility to contact a vet? this would be best and safest, even if we could think out some home remedy, working for some of diarrhea cases.

There are going several diarrea sickednesses which need a vet look at it. They sometimes arent difficult to cure, but a vet must prescribe the medicine.
A couple of them are common in homeless kittens.
For ex Giardia and coccidia-infections... Here Coccidia is fairly easy to medicine away, giardia is more difficult.

Call soon, - asap, the diarrhea is prob taking his forces...
You surely begin with a call, but count on the vet wants too see the kittens. Or at the very least, a sample of the diarrhea. Take samples from both.

Good luck!
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Thanks .

The vet isn't an option- the rescue got back to me and they're not authorizing a vet visit.

Yesterday the diarrhea was better, today the same guy is having it again . Hoping it's just a food issue- I'm working on getting them on wet food.
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I was too worried- Lupin (boy) got really bloated and the diarrhea continued. I took them both to the vet. She said I'm doing everything right, but they may not make it

They got a dewormer and she said their eye infections would pass, just to clean their eyes every time I feed. The diarrhea could have multiple causes, and one possibility is a fatal infection. I'm to keep an eye on it and if it gets worse and more fluidy then to bring him back- he'd have to be euthanized

Tonks has been doing alright. She's been eating more and is active and playing. She also has diarrhea but not as bad.

I have to dip poor Lupin in a bit of water at least once daily because he is so raw and it hurts him more when I try to clean his backside, tail and legs. On the plus side- he is taking wet food really well now.

Just used the last of my KMR but will be making Kitten Glop. Maybe there is something with the formula causing a problem and this will help.

I hope they both pull through!
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Originally Posted by ithinkican View Post

Just used the last of my KMR but will be making Kitten Glop. Maybe there is something with the formula causing a problem and this will help.
Constipation is more common, but you may be right. Cats are individuals and can react differently to the same kmr.

Do you have possibility to get goat milk? Many rescuers witness goat milk works fine with kittens (and others). And it is first rate nourishment.

Good luck! *vibes*
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Hi, I foster bottle feeders as well. Sometimes they get the trots when they are eating to much. At 3 weeks old I feed my rescues when they ask and that's usually about every 3hrs in the daytime and then they usually go from about 11pm - 6am. If they are all healthy, thriving and gaining weight, they set the schedule. If they are weak, smaller or sick than I set it.

Have you tried watering his formula down a bit? do you know where he was rescued from 4 days ago? it could also be a food change causing it. In any case I would dilute the KMR some instead of 2 parts water, maybe 2,5 or 3. I would also mix with pedialyte instead of water. Its unusual for a kitten to be allergic or have issues with formula but it happens. His anus could also be the cause of diarreha

As for his swollen bottom, have you looked to make sure he has a proper sized anus? Sometimes kittens are born with an anus that is to small for anything to pass thru, liquid is usually fine. The swelling might be some normal poop there that just can't escape.

The rescue denied him a vet visit and you paid out of your pocket? I think its great that you were able to do this but i think its terrible that they were denied medical care by a rescue. A kitten with diarreah could have several issues, bac infections, worms, etc etc. My last kitten nearly died b/c she had a bacterial infection but a few days on clavamox and Hope recovered just fine, in fact she was just adopted yesterday

Kitten glop is a good mix if you can get the right stuff to mix it where you are, but please do not switch the trotty kitten all at once, his digestive system needs to graduate to it slowly. Tonks might be ok but even she should be switched over in the course of a few days or a week.
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StefanZ- Goats milk isn't available in my town, but the kittens are eating much better on this kitten glop. Thanks!

jbsmomto1- Once I finally got through to the rescue they offered to reimburse the vet bill. This past week has been unusual because I just started working with them and the person in charge went on vacation. I don't want anyone thinking badly of the rescue- they do good work .

I had to switch them suddenly because I ran out of KMR and I was not able to get more yesterday. I thought I had enough to last through the weekend, but it's been a long while since I've done this. Both kittens are doing better with the glop though- better appetites and less diarrhea.

Thank you for the suggestion to water it down a bit- I started doing that today and hoping it helps him feel better. I also checked his anus and, other than the swelling due to diarrhea, it appears normal.

I do wonder if a kitten can be both constipated and have diarrhea? The bloating got better then came back. He seems to strain to poo, but doesn't go as much as I'd expect and it is very soft stools. Maybe he is a bit constipated and what I'm seeing is what comes out around stuck hard stools?

(Sorry about all the poo talk!)
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Just like us humans yes they can be both constipated and have the trots. The liquid is able to pass around the harder and dryer stool, usually the harder stuff will pass with the liquid but it sometimes takes time ....It may be also that the sphincter inside his anus is a bit thin and not as stretchy as normal. That may account for the bulge right there. But it may not. What did the vet say about the swelling??
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The vet thought it was caused by parasites or possibly coccidia. She said sometimes a rare strain of coccidia can cause bloating and would eventually prove fatal. She instructed me to watch him carefully and if the bloating gets worse to bring him back. At his last feeding tonight the bloat was all but gone, so is probably not the latter. She wormed both kittens while they were there.

I gave Lupin a small bit of mineral oil in the evening when I fed him, hoping that will help him.

Am happy tonight because both have gained a little weight over the past 24 hours- Lupin gained almost an ounce and Tonks gained an ounce.
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a 28g (1oz) gain in 24 hrs IS very impressive for sure. I have had kittens with bloat and I was told to give them infant colic drops, a couple drops is all it takes and within a few days the bloat was gone. Now I don't advise this unless you know why the bloat, some of my babies were rescued and hand fed by an someone who fed them regular cows milk, so their cause of bloat was different. A warm heating pad and a belly rub in circles or along their sides might help reduce that as well. In either case now I put some infacol drops in every bottle, just a drop. If they have gastro upset I add a small bit of yogurt as well.

Is his bum still swollen outwards or is that getting better as well?
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It's been almost a year since I started this thread, and since I see it still gets views I thought I'd update:


Lupin, the kitten I was worried about, did very well on the Kitten Glop. Both kittens grew, though Lupin more slowly. Both have been spayed (Lupin surprised us by being a girl!), and both have been thriving in their forever adoptive homes since January!


Thanks to all of you who gave advice- Lupin & Tonks thanks you as well :)

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