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My cat pee'd on me while sleeping

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So 6 months ago my 5 year old male cat had a blocked bladder and after a few days in the hospital with a cathedar is home now. And has been feeling better. Occasionally peeing on his cat bed or on my shoes. I went on vacation last week and when i returned he came on the bed crying at 5 am well I was not ready to get up so I played with him for a few and tried to go back to sleep, next thing i know there is a warm liquid running down my arm, I look up and he is standing at the top of my pillow peeing on me. Two nights later after washing all the blankets and pillows he does it again. I'm locking him out tonight, is he mad at me for going away what? He doesn't have any of the other symptoms he did before. I'm going to lock him in the bathroom tonight does he need another trip to the vet?
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Yep, time for a urine test. Also, make sure you clean all the accident spots with an enzyme cleaner.

Stress can trigger crystals and UTI's, especially in a male. BTW, did the vet suggest prescription food?

I hope your little guy feels better soon - and you too!
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I too have a male cat (4yrs) who had a blockage at 2, and has been on prescription food since, to keep the urine acidic, preventing the formation of crystals, thus decreasing likelihood of him blocking again. however, from the research I've done, Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease.... (FLUTD) is fairly common in male cats, once the first issue has occurred. I've posted a link to my issues with jak:

While everyone/pet is different, I would definitely re-visit the vet and have a sterile C&S (culture & Sensitivity) sent out. That way, even though it takes time to grow the bacteria, they can determine precisely what organism is causing the infection & ensure they get ur baby on the proper antibiotics.

Also, I've found when Jak had a UTI (or whatever he did have, flare-up's of cystitis/inflammation) a sedative medication was nice to relief the discomfort. This way, he didnt have the urge to go all the time & didn't really feel the pain.

It is odd that he's doing it rite around/on you, like maybe he is sorta mad at you & is trying to mark his territory/you as his human???

There is a great wealth of info on this site! Are there strays around the property? UTI? Behavioral? Recently moved, adopted new pet, new baby/member of the family? New neighbor dog? Any other new stressor? Not seeing enough of you? Change in diet/diet habits? New location of food/water or litter box? Any tiny, minor thing can stress a cat beyond what we think is normal. Use this site to do research. Crazy things can work: Orange/citrus smelling potpourri/home fragrance, aluminum foil, using blacklight to find old stain/marked areas & cleaning it out completely...the list is endless!!!

Good luck, please let us know what happens!!!
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Originally Posted by taraz579 View Post
It is odd that he's doing it rite around/on you, like maybe he is sorta mad at you & is trying to mark his territory/you as his human???
Oh God, No! Cats don't do that!
IMHO peeing on his mom is the loudest and clearest cry for help - "mom, it hurts!"
He is sending you a message.... Please, instead of locking him up, with his blockage history, take him to the vet at once....
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It sounds to me like your cat is in a great deal of pain and is desperately trying to let you know! PLEASE take him to a vet. Locking him in the bathroom will not solve anything, especially when he needs help and medical attention. If my cats did that to me, an alarm in my head would go off telling me that something is terribly wrong.

This is NOT normal behavior. Please take care of your kitty.
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I really would see to it quickly. I had a 1 year old male, recently neutered, who was just my best little buddy. I might have missed something, or he hid it well. I noticed one day he was suddenly off, and obviously in pain while trying to urinate. He didn't want me handling him and the vet was closed. I gave him everything he needed right by him and I had to leave for acouple of hours. When I got home, he was gone.

I was in total shock. I had no idea it could get so serious so fast. I thought I could at least keep him comfortable until the next morning when the vet opened. I cried for days. He was a bit of a little terror, but I loved him and I still miss him.
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They only do it in great pain . Pls get your baby to a vet.
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When he came in your bed that early morning crying, he was trying to tell you he is pain. That is not normal, healthy cat behavior and with his recent blockage of six months ago, he may be blocking again. So sorry, your kitty needs a vet right away.
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