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FeLV+ Update

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Over a month has gone by since my first baby was diagnosed with FeLV. 3 of my 13 tested positive, 2 of them were so ill that I had to put them down. The third positive is very healthy and has been quarantined pending a retest of my other 10 babies.

I've started the 30 day retest on my 10 babies. The kittens, Muddy and Koko tested NEGATIVE last Saturday. YEEEEAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! The balance of the kitties are being tested this Thursday afternoon.
OK everyone......send good positive waves for my other 8 cats (Shep, Bogart, Stumpy, Tigger, Eight-Ball, Bob Marley, Pinky, and Scarlett).

For my positive boy (Ruby), Best Friends in Utah is full and is not taking in any FeLV cats right now. I am on a waiting list for a FeLV+ house in the Denver area - my dear friend checked it out already and it appears to be a good place for him, and they will probably have room for him shortly. I'm still trying for a single cat home in my area, but that doesn't look promising.
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Just keep thinking good thoughts You are an angel for trying so hard to find this kitten a proper home!!
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Also are you aware of this website?Adopt an FeLV kitten
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No Hissy - hadn't found that one (I thought I had seen them all). I will check it out right away. Am also waiting on information that Best Friends is supposed to send me this afternoon.

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