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You've got a good point! That's my plan! I just pray that he's a good boy and impresses her! Oh...I hope he doesn't get carsick! At least it's only about 40 miles, so it's not that far...but it would be a long time in a car with kitty puke all over!
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I would agree... that would be a long time to have kittyhurl in the car. What's even worse is wet kitty poop though. Spike once had to have an enema... we ALMOST made it home before he had to go. Oi! Thank god he was in a carrier.

I bet Gizmo will be okay. Are you taking him in a carrier? If you are, it'll minimize where the kittyhurl ends up, and at least he won't be underfoot or crawling all over the car.
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He's definitely going in the carrier! He's such a love bug...I'm sure he'd be all over me while I'm trying to drive. Don't need to have a car accident!

Wet kitty poo? EWWWWWWWWWW!! Dang...I hope he poops before we leave!
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omgosh shell this is so great!! I'm so glad your friend is taking him!!! I wonder if his owners will even care I think if you leave plenty of water in the garage and a fan he should be ok. This is so exciting!!
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that's good news to hear!!!! I'm so happy for little gizmo!!!
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Shell this is terrfic news! Giz is going to a new home that will love him and take good care of him. I know that you are happy and you are his guardian
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YAY!!!! Good you found a home! He is a cutie, but uh not to be weird or anything but uh, is this right to do this?

For example, my neighbors have two cats, they are old and skinny. I didn't know they were hers, figured they were strays, so I left some food outside. Later on, after meeting my neighbor, I inquired if they were hers and she said yes. I asked why they were so skinny and she seemed a little p.oed but politely said they were on some diet food. Anyway, she then commented about how the other neighbor thought they were strays and took them in. He kept them for a month and even took them to the vet, etc. She finally asked around after looking for them and found her cats inside the man's house. She was so p.oed, and said 'why did he take them to the vet?!', she wasn't 'gracious or thankful about him taking care of them, because she felt she was taking good care already. Anyway, she went crazy for that month they were gone.

I don't know if it's right to do this, what if the owners do care about him, maybe he goes inside at night when they aren't working, maybe he's on diet food, maybe he is sick and they are giving him medicine, we don't know this because we didn't ask the owner's permission to take him and give him to someone else. (btw, the declawing issue, put that aside and think if it is still right to take someone else's cat). You know the cat belongs to someone, it's not a complete 'stray'. My JB as well taken care he is, he will gladly go somewhere else for food, especially wet food since I don't give him that every day.

Anyway, I hope this doesn't piss anyone off, but I wouldn't want to be in the owner's shoes when they find their cat is no longer around.
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You didn't upset me! I've thought the same exact thing, but then I realize that this really is the best for him.

These people who technically own him have some big issues. They were recently turned in for neglecting their children. They let their little kids (approx. ages 4 and 5) run the street all day and all NIGHT. They don't work at all. By the looks of their property and their children, they are probably on welfare. The kids are filthy...probably hadn't had a bath in a couple of weeks. They don't look much better themselves.

IMO, if they can't take care of their kids and themselves, how are they going to be good owners of a cat? By the looks of Gizmo, I can tell he isn't eating like a normal cat. Plus, when I pet him I can feel every single bone in his back. That is just not right to me. I really don't think the owners will even miss him. If so, they'll probably just think it's one less headache to deal with.

I'd much rather see him have a happy life with a great owner and not have to be in that kind of situation. He is guaranteed a great life with Amy.
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Good for you Shell! You are doing the right thing. Have you also called the Social Services on the folks that are neglecting their kids? What could happen to a little child after dark or even during the day is terrifying. Please take the time to make the call so the children are safe too. Thanks!
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I'm so glad Gizmo is going to be taken care of! Way to go Shell!
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OH MY GOSH!!! Well thank you for clearing that up, considering we 'live' in a sort nice area of town, we see a lot of strays, so with my experience next door, I figured it may be the same with the people freaking out if their cat is gone. Anyway, forget what I said, go ahead GIRLFRIEND!!! And do call CPS on them for not taking care of their kids!!!!! ARgh, that pisses me off worse when I see parents on welfare having kids that they don't take care of!!!! When there are people praying to just have one baby!!!! Anyway, I do hope Gizmo gets along with the others, I wish you could 'mail' him over to me though, he would be in heaven here!!!!
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Shell you are a saint i think you did the right thing! if these people cared anything about the cat it wouldnt be in the shape its in. so dont worry about them, gizmo is a lovely cat and deserves better than what he is getting, im so happy your friend his taking him i could just cry you said he might be sick, i sure hope he isnt, that would not be a good thing if he is, he probally just needs some good care, and it sounds like you made that possible, way to go shell, i know what you mean about the feeling, when i place a stray to a good home im on top of the world, keep us updated on his new home
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Oh Shell! This is excellent news!

Yay for Giz!!!!!!! Keep us updated and I hope she joins here
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A problem has reared it's ugly head here!

Last night (I was at work) my Mom was outside doing some lawn work. Gizmo was out running around and was headed to our house. One of the owners, ran outside and scooped him up & threw him inside his house. While he was doing that, he gave Mom a hateful look but didn't say anything to her. I don't know if he thinks we're up to something or what. I'm afraid to take him now. What if I take him to Amy's and then they come screaming at us that we've stole their cat?

Damn...why can't things just go smoothly? There's always got to be a glitch in the system some where!

I guess if they do come here asking about their cat, I could lie about it...but what if they have proof that I took their cat (I don't know what kind of proof they'd have though)? Granted I've been feeding him for a week or so...but I wouldn't think they'd get ticked over that. Hell, I'm doing THEM a favor!

I just dunno what to do right now. Mom thinks I should not take him to Amy's tomorrow and maybe just wait it out a little while. But I'm afraid that something bad might happen while I wait and I'd never be able to handle that.

What would you do if you were in my shoes?
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I would call CPS about the kids and they will be so caught up in trying to take better care of them they won't even notice the cat is gone. This will also give the children a better home enviornment.
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Can you do that anonymously? I'm not worried about pissing people off especially since I won't be living here for much longer, but I worry about my folks since they will have to live 2 house down from them.

I know it shouldn't matter, but I just worry about my actions reflecting on someone else who is not involved. Those kids need more than what they are getting...that is a fact...I just don't want to make the situation any worse than what it is.
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phewww , that is hard .I do understand your feelings Shell . Well I never wanted to say this here but I think I have to now . I did had a cat one time from some one we know , she just trop him off here . She and fam. had to move and we really did not wanted at that time more cats . Well , we took him in . He was declawed and a looner all his life . So it did not go well with him and the other cats . We also did not had the cat inclosure at the time . He always wanted to go out , well he just did not like it at our house .So one day I just let him out , I know it was not good to do that . And to this day I blame myself for his death becours I am guildy . How ever , he found himeself a new home by a nice fam . So I was ok .They also let him stay outsite . One night the man (my husband knw him ) heard dogs fighting going on , but was to dark to see . No need to say that the next day he found the cat dead biten by the dogs he heard that night . By the way , they were stray dogs . No need to say that I still cry over that poor cat and the fam. Now Shell , it is up to you what you think is best for him . I for sure would never ever make this mistake ever again in my life . I f you feel you still want to take him , take him but hopefully so they are not able to see it , maybe back yard . Make sure when he is in the car that he wont be seeing by them while driving off . Be sure I am with you all the way .
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Thanks Hedi. Wow..your story was a eye openner. That's the exact reason why I want to find him a better place...I don't want him to become another lost cause.

If I do take him, I will pull my car into our driveway (which no one can see) and take him from the back of the house. I'm afraid to leave him in the garage...what if they come snooping around and see him in there. Once he's in the carrier and the car, I'll back out of the drive and go the opposite direction so I won't drive by their house.

The only am I going to get Giz into the house without anyone seeing me? He always goes to the front door which they can see from their house. I guess I could maybe get him to follow me to the back. Well, I guess this is all if he's out of their house. I didn't see him today...I'll check outside in a little while to see if he's roaming out there.

Thanks again!
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any sign of him yet ???
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let us know what's going on since tomorrow is the big day, all paws crossed here, this such a big cliffhanger!!
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No sign of him yet
I'll try to find him in the morning...I hope!
I'll let ya'll know what happens. Thanks everyone!
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Shell, I had some of the same concerns when I caught my sister's cat Marshmallow. I had been feeding him for years, and he certainly didn't look like he had an owner (if he did, they didn't take care of him).

Anyway, my plan was to have him voluntarily follow me onto my inside porch (which he would do at times by sneaking in behind me). Once I did that, since no one could see, I took him into my house and got him into the carrier there. And took the carrier out to my car.

I figured I could always fib and say I was taking MY cat to the vet, etc since you'd have to be really close to see what cat was inside the carrier.

Normally I'd feel bad about lying, but in Marshmallow's case, I really didn't. No one has come looking for him either, but I was, and still am prepared to lie if I have to.

I figure the: "A white cat? Big and fluffy? Oh yeah, I've seen him, he used to come around all the time... but not for quite awhile." answer will suffice.

I hope it all works out for Gizmo. Sounds like he could use a more caring owner.
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Awwww! I heard the recentl news, This IS sad, I hope you can catch him , Shell, Come on guys need TCS prayers for gizzy!

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TAKE HIM!!!! The very first chance you have....TAKE HIM!!!! Screw the neighbors, they obviously are not feeding him or taking care of, or loving him in any way... and your friend Amy will! Do not let Gizmo miss out on this chance of happiness!!!!!!!! My prayers are with him and you!!!!! Keep us posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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thanks for sharing those adorable pics! what a precious cat!
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Thanks Debby!

The first chance I see him today, I'm grabbing him. I barely slept at all last night...that little turkey was on my mind constantly. I know I'm doing the right thing for him and he'll have a much happier life. Thanks everyone...I'll let you know if I find him today and take him to Amy's.

Thanks for all the good luck and great vibes...keep em' coming til I capture Giz!
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