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I really do hope Amy takes him in..he's such a sweetie!!!

btw, shell, that's a nice nail colour u have in the pic...
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OMG...I didn't think anyone would notice that! Thanks Kate!
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Aww poor Gizmo God I hate people that not only declaw they're cats but then let them go outside! Do they not have a brain??

I hope you find him a nice home Shell.. its so wonderful of you to feed him
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He's a beauty. Good vibes from MO.
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Thank you all!

I just got done playing with him for a good hour. He's so lovable...he's really wanting attention. It just breaks my heart when I leave him. He sits at the door meowing so sad.

Haven't heard back from Amy yet. I'm hoping I'll hear from her soon. It'll work out perfectly if she takes him (she lives about 40 minutes from here)...I'm going to her place this Saturday and I can take him with me!

Keep those vibes coming please! Thanks a million!
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Ditto more good vibes from over here.

Sheer disbelief too that not only is he declawed, if he really is still intact, that is cruelty indeed.
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Oh, woops! Him! Love him!

Sending lots of warm fuzzies for a furever home for Gizmo!
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You know what? He's sooooo cute it doesn't matter whether he's a girl or a boy. He deserves a good home.
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Sending Furrever Home vibes for little Gizmo kitty from Illinois. Shell you are an for helping him too.
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I really hope she takes him.

More good vibes coming from wellington.
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that you can find her a good home.
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I still haven't heard back from Amy. The more time is passing, the more I'm getting worried that she's decided against him.

I hate to email to again...I don't want to sound pushy or anything. She was the only one who even replied back to my original email.
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Shell, I am sure if you worded the email the right way she would not take offense, simply tell her that the longer he stays outside, the more at risk he becomes of having something bad happen to him. If you like give her my email and tell her I will help her with the kitty introductions should she decide to take him.
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Thanks MA. She knows all about this site since I'm constantly talking about it. Plus, in my first email I had told her that TCS has some great suggestions about introducing the two. I'm hoping that she stops by here and checks everything out even if she doesn't take him. It's such a great learning experience.

I didn't see the little guy today at all. It was fairly hot out today, so I assumed he was curled up in a shady area. I hate to go outside and call for the guy since his "owners" are only 2 houses away. Usually when I go outside, he ends up finding me anyway. We've got such a bond...he just comes running to me. I love this little guy so much! I did notice that a bit of food was gone this morning and a tiny bit of water. I hope that he's been eating...he's so skinny!

I'm going to email Amy and see if she gets back to me. If not, I'll be calling her. It's really important that I get him a home ASAP...poor guy can't survive out there with out claws.

OH...MA, did you see my thread about neutering? Just curious...

Thanks again!
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Just got a reply back from Amy. She's planning come down here on Thursday evening (bad thing is that I've got to work that night!), but Mom should be home. I'm going to catch him tomorrow evening or early Thursday morning and probably put him in the garage or in our basement (our cats aren't allowed down there anymore...it's not finished and there's a room with some sand it. They think it's a litter box!).

I'm so excited! I'm really hoping that she'll take him home! I know she'll take really good care of him. Her cat Sassy is spoiled rotten, so I'm sure she'll do the same with him.

Keep those fingers crossed, ok?
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Fingers definitely crossed Shell!!
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They're crossed here too! Who cares if it takes twice as long to type? I really hope she takes him.
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Shell my prayers are with you and the sweetie.
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hey shell, how's little gizmo doing?
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Thanks Guys! Just an update for you...I'm SO VERY HAPPY!! This is Amy's email I just received. You all are so awesome for sending the good vibes and positive thoughts!

Just bring him Saturday...we can put him in the
garage with some
food and litter and stuff. Ventilation isn't great in my
garage but I
don't think that by late afternoon it would be as bad as
2:00 or so. We
can always stick a fan out there to move air. I am excited
to meet him.
Given his liking to humans and probably other cats, she
will probably
like him pretty well. I just will have to figure out how
to keep Sassy
out of his food....she has to eat Iams for Fat Cats!


YAY! I'm just so thrilled that she's planning on taking him!
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Yay!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad Gizmo is going to have a good home!
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that is fantastic news!!!!
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You guys...I haven't been this happy in quite a while! It's such a good feeling...one I can't really describe. I'm just thrilled to death right now that Giz will be taken care of and pampered forever.
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Oh, Shell, that is WONDERFUL news!!!!!

I am so happy for Gizmo!
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I felt the same way when Jillian took in Marshmallow. Before that, he was a stray around my house that I would feed, but couldn't take in.

Before, anytime my car would pull into my driveway, Marshmallow would come bounding over for pets and food. Now, even though she's had him a couple months, I still look in the direction of where he'd run from when I pull in my driveway. But now, I get to smile and think about how much better off he is now. I'm hoping it turns out as well for little Gizmo.
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Now, I've got to find the little guy! The food is all gone, but haven't seen him since Monday. I'm not too worried about it...he knows that I'll feed him!

What do you guys think...I have to bring him to Amy's on Saturday afternoon. Should I catch him Saturday morning or Friday evening? I'm going to have to put him in the garage. Mom refused to let him inside since he's got fleas. I'll be treating him with Advantage when I get a hold of him. Do you think leaving him in the garage overnight will be too hot for him? I'll probably put our oscilating fan in there with food, water, toys, blanket and litter box. It hasn't been too hot lately...roughly 80 degrees give or take a bit. It just worries me...I'd hate for him to get too hot.

What do ya think?
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I think Friday would be better; this way, if you plan for Friday and he doesn't show, you can still try on Saturday.
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I'd have to agree with Sue. For some reason, they always seem to know what you're up to... so having an extra chance to catch him on Saturday if you need it would be good.
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