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Pics of Gizmo...the neighborhood sweetheart!

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I wrote in a couple weeks ago about how I found a stray kitty in our neighborhood and how I wasn't sure what to do since she's got owners, but they aren't taking care of her. She is still very skinny and had runny gunk in her eyes. She is just a loveball...Oh how I wish I could keep her! I'm trying to convince Mom and Dad to take her in since I'll be leaving with Tiki and Echo next month. That would leave Bud all by himself and I'm afraid he'll get so lonely. He just loves the other two and I think he'll need another companion.

I took some photos of Gizmo while I was checking the mail this morning. Isn't she gorgeous? I just love her blue eyes! I just don't understand why the owners are being so cruel. I do think she's sick though. The gunky eyes were a giveaway, but while I was checking her over on the porch she acted like she was going to vomit. She didn't cough up anything, but she just acted like something was caught in her throat. She's a pretty vocal little girl too! It's was so pathetic...it just broke my heart!

Well, here's the pic's. Hope you enjoy! BTW, I made sure I took a shower and threw my clothes in the wash before I came near my inside kitties! I don't want to chance it with them!

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Ohhh she is sooooo cute she is gorgious
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She's really pretty. I didn't see any gunk in her eyes, but that might show in the photo's. It's so sad that her owners aren't taking care of her.
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the gunk didn't show up in the pic's but it's a funky color. It's kind of a bright yellow color...not brownish like most cats. That's why I think she's ill. Plus that hacking up thing scared me! I'm off give her some yummy food and cold water! Poor thing...I think she only eats when I feed her. Today is the first day I'd seen her since the night I wrote about her. Glad to see that she's still around...I was worried that something horrible happened to her. That would make me so sick...*sigh* Why can't I take her in?
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oh, what a sweetie! so many of them need loving homes, it's not fair

I hope you can work something out with your parents and gizmo can have a good home!
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Just got back from feeding Gizmo. I just watched the poor thing eat. All I had was hard food and it was too hard for Giz to eat. So, I added some water and threw in the microwave for 15 seconds. G's gobbling it up like it's his last meal.

OH...with better examination, I realized that Gizmo is not a girl...he's very much a male! Doh!

But...I also found that he has been declawed! I can't believe those stupid people declawed him and then threw him outside! Poor guy doesn't have a mean bone in his body...but how in the hell can he protect himself? I'm so ticked at them right now....I WILL find him a home! Even if it isn't my own, I WILL find him a GOOD HOME!
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Shell, bless you for taking care of Gizmo. He sounds (and looks) like a sweetheart. If the owners don't take him to get that eye looked at, you might want to bring him yourself. Yellow eye gunk is a sign of possible infection. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before touching the other kitties, just in case. He deserves a better life, I hope you can talk your parents into giving him one, provided he gets a clean bill of health.

As far as Gizmo's "owners": an animal belongs to the person who cares for it!
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Poor Gizmo! I'm so glad he found someone like you. Can you believe those people who would have him declawed and then let him outside? I just gasped when I read that. It just makes me so mad!!!! I can't believe people would adopt an animal and not take care of it and give it the love it deserves. I can't wait to get home and hug my Max tonight!
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Thanks Guys! My heart just goes out to him...he deserves so much more than what he is getting. Obviously they must have "loved" him enough to get him declawed (even though he's not neutered ). I'm assuming that the cuteness of KittyHood wore off and they shoved him outside. He's one of the sweetest cats I've ever met...so loveable! He purred the entire time I feed him. It was like he was the happiest he had ever been. It was like he's way of thanking me for feeding him. Damn...it just breaks my heart! I'm sitting here racking my brain on finding him a good home while the tears are flowing because I don't know if I can. I promised him while I was playing with him, that I would do the very best that I can to find him a better home. I'm going to try to butter up to the folks tonight....maybe they'll say yes!

Come on guys...I need your positive thoughts and vibes on this! This board does some wonderful things...lets do it for Gizmo!
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awwww what a cutie!!!!! I think you should take him in I worry about him with no claws!
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How sad and that one rear shot definitely shows Giz is a male! LOL Poor kitty though- and good for you for wanting to help-
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He is adorable.

I am so glad you are searching for a new home for him. He is really lucky to have you. Poor guy .
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Gizmo is a pretty boy! I love the colors. I'm so glad you are trying to take care of him! You're an
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Poor guy a tomcat with no claws to defend himself with! I hope you can get him out of harm's way soon. I love his muted tones!
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What a lovely boy! Thanks for trying to help Shell- I hope you can find him a nice home! Poor baby!

Good Vibes coming from New Zealand!

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Thanks Guys! I shot off a email to my friends...hopefully someone will take him in. I asked Mom and I got shot down in a big hurry. I guess if push comes to shove, I might get in contact with a couple of No Kill Shelters in Nebraska and see if they could help me. Thank you everyone for the good thoughts and positive vibes. I'll keep you all posted on little Gizmo.
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Oh, he's such a handsome little guy! I feel so bad for him. I hope one of your friends will take him in. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.
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OMG!!! My best friend Amy replied back and she's thinking about it! I'm praying to God that she takes him! Here's her message:
> How does he get along with other cats. I think he looks
great and if he
is open to a 2 cat household, I would love to have him. I
don't know
how long it would take Sassy to get used to it, but I think
it would be
nice for her to have someone to play with.

I wrote back and told her that if she is serious about taking Giz home, I recommended coming to TCS for some great suggestions about introducing cats.

Please everyone...pray that Giz get a furever home!
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Major, Major good vibrations going up from Maryland!!
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Thanks AP!
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Sending "Find Gizmo a Good Furever Home" vibes your way. I just can't fathom how someone would declaw but not neuter him?!?! Hissy is right, poor Tomcat. Being outside is not a safe option for him; he has the urge to be a "Tomcat" but no claws to back it up

You may want to try and call the local vets and inform them about Gizmo. Surely somebody there will also put in some effort to finding this beautiful, handsome boy a home (and some discounted service to make sure he's healthy). He is just gorgeous!!!
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She's soooo pretty!!!!!!! I wanna pet her!
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I just sah this thread . What a great looking guy Gizmo is . My prayers are with you and the cat . If your friend wants him ,she need's to get him first to a vet and test him for fel. just to make sure . Good luck
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Awww... the poor kitty. He's been declawed? He looks like such a nice cat too. That's really sweet of you to try and find him a better home.
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Oh, I hope your friend takes him Shell! She just needs to stop by TCS and see how to introduce him to her other furries. Still keeping my fingers crossed!
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Thanks Guys! Amy hasn't emailed me back saying that she'll take him...I'm waiting ever so impatiently

I'll keep ya'll updated on what happens!
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Shell you are Gizmo's guardian you know that don't you? I hope that your friend will be able to take him in. That is sad that he was declawed and them left outside to fiend for himself. Some people really have no class
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He's precious! I hope you are able to find him a good home, he really does look so sweet in the photos!

(It's great that you have a digital camera now huh?!)
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Furrever Home for Gizmo vibes coming from Colorado!!!
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good vibs coming from NY~~
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