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The kittens are so young, they will not spray until they are older (if they do at all) But since you are getting one...or two... LOL at such a young age, and since you are already on a cat board and know the responsible thing is to neuter them I mean him....at 6 months, spraying should not be a problem.

Both kittens have wonderful personalities, heck they all do, but Ashcroft delights in hiding from us, seems it is his favorite game. You can let me know when you want to come up (or is it down?) and see them. Mike and I are staying at home for quite awhile with no plans.
I am excited that you want one, because I will be able to see it grow up and hear about all the antics through this board.
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Hissy!!!!!!!!! I have fallen head over heels in love with Fergie!!!!! Is there any way at all I could have her??? I know Oregan is a long way from Iowa... But maybe we could work something out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Dear Cleo...

I have had the pleasure of having both sexes and I can't decide which is the better of the two! So...that's the great news! :laughing: The bad news is that I'm glad I'm not you making such a tough choice!!!! How cute are they!
As of right now, I have all males accept one female. Now, each and every one of these guys are so different from one another. The female...Ninya..she's a strong personality whereas; I have one...Job, the feral that can be a real baby! Like I said...each male's so different. My one domestic is more like what the feral should be like! :confus So, you never can tell. I'd like to think I brought them all up with the same kind of love! But, hey...they're the ones in control. I have to remember that when I can!

I'd like to wish you the very best I'm sure you'll make a fine decision

Love &
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I have to agree with Catarina; just when I think I can make a statement like, "Males are more affectionate" or "Females are smarter" ; one of my cats will do something to totally DISPROVE any point I was about to make. . . . . What I tend to FORGET is that part of a cat's JOB is to always keep us GUESSING ! :laughing2
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They are all beautiful. I am sure you won't have any problem at all finding homes for them.

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Hey Chuck! I'll arm wrestle you for Champaign! What a sweet bunch of babies!
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