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New heartstealers

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Fern *Any Takers?*
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Hissy; they are all too precious!!! I know I could not refuse them if they showed up at my door. . . . . Thank you for the pictures so soon. Massey is to die for.....
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hissy, i would take them all in IF ONLY!!!

they are MIRACLES in my eyes, and the beauty of such creatures is only
measured by the LOVE they recieve during their time here.

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Who do you think the father of Massey is? Kabota or Shredder?
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Those baby blues ARE stealing my heart! All of them are just darling!
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How could I forget the troublemaker of the bunch? Here is Ashcroft
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I'm with 3LK, I would take them all if I could. they are too precious.
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Oh!!! Too cute! Iwould guess that Massey is Kabota's son...but it's probably a trick question.
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Oh! They're such darlings!!! Thank you so much for rescuing them and for sharing those awesome pictures!
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They are all so adorable!!!!! Oh, Socrates and Tiger would be so pissed off at me if I brought a kitten home. But, Hissy, those kittens are just simply precious!

I really do want one (But CAN'T-So no!). Oh, but having a wee lil' kitten....NO! CHUCK< STOP YOURSELF!

OK, I better go now before I actually ask you for one of them. Champagne is my pic.

BAD CHUCK! BAD CHUCK! Close this post right now!


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IF I had the resources, I would keep them all. They all favor their daddy...=)
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You have stolen my heart today - I wish I lived a lot closer -
They are the most beautiful kittens I have ever laid eyes on -
Good Gramma!
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They are so beautiful! I especially like Champagne, just too cute. All their markings are so pretty. They sure know where to end up for a good home, don't they!
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Aren't kittens just the greatest. They surely are the cutest things I've seen today. Mine are alittle older and scampering around madly.
Out back of the house earlier and I about fell out of my chair laughing at them, running through the flower bed, jumping at a full size Birch tree and then when they actually clung to it, this panic look on face, like What Now? Soo precious, thanks for the uplift!

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They are gorgeous. Absolutely beautifull. I wish I could take any one of them or better yet all of them home.
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Thanks for the smile! There's nothing like a kitten to brighten your day. They are all so cute. Massey is my favorite. Thank you for taking them in. The world needs more people like you!

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Originally posted by hissy


*Any Takers?* [/b]
What cuties, and the pictures are very good! Simple backgrounds and natural lighting. This one is my favorite. BTW What kind of camera did you use?

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Is a Ricoh 35mm Zoom lens. I like it because it fits right in my pocket, and is easy to use. Thank you for the compliments, but how can you not take good pics of such beautiful subjects?
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NO Chuck....you live in a small 1 BR/1 BA apt w/ 2 cats already!

Yeah, but she is just so adorable and needs a good home and Socs and Tiger need a woman here to put them in their place!






Because I said so!

(pouting, folding arms)
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Does this help? *EG*
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Oh my... how absolutely adorable! They are all so very very beautiful and if I had a choice I'd take all three, but if I could only take one.. I think I'd pick Fergie. He looks so sweet! You're little babies are absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

"Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze."
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Oh God, I REALLY, REALLY want her! In fact, I'd take any of them. They are all just so precious! I want to give Socs and Tiger a drop that'll make'm small like that again!
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OMG!!! I can't believe you named one Champagne!!! The very first litter of kittens we ever had I named a kitten that exact name! Oh and she's a beauty tooooo!!!

How can anyone choose??? They are absolutely positively gorgeous! :angel2::angel2::angel2: Wow...what loves!
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I am in LOVE!!! with Ashcroft!!! If I lived closer I'd be there in a nano-second! They are all precious. I wouldn't be able to give any of them up. Rene has a kitten named Myst who I nicknamed Hedgehog because she is black but her body is grey. And boy is she a little cutie pie.

My father was right, when I die my obit will read: "Woman found in apartment among her 300 cats."

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Or it will be when I pass...
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I am still so obsessed with your new family, but I'm confused about Who's who.

In your first post on the babies "I give up!" you had Champagne/Cream, Rhino/Smoke Grey, Maguson, and Fergie.
Then in your second Thread "OhGOSH" along came Ashcroft/1 Grey Leg.

I was keeping up just fine, then the pictures came "New Heartstealer" and now I'm confused!

In the pics it shows the Smoke Grey as Ashcroft, the lil one with 1 Grey leg as Fergie, one named Marshall, and no sign of Maguson, unless thats Massey?

I guess the names don't matter, my real questions are..which ones are spoken for? What are their sexes?

And would you still consider giving me the honor of adopting one?

BTW...I can see how names could get scrambled up or changed when you have so much going on with all the babies and Fern being ill.

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To much going on with them to keep up with their sexes, and their names changed too. And I have egg on my face, because Champagne is a boy- not a girl. Ok, the two black and white (or actually dark grey and white) are boy and girl. Fergie has the dark leg, (femle) Marshall has just the spots (male). Ashford is the grey one (male),Massey is the grey and white striped (male). The runt of the litter is Fergie, and the alpha is Champagne. We had originally thought of calling Massey, Maggusson- but the vet has a fit with hard to spell names so we call him Massey. Ashcroft was Rhino, but we thought Ashcroft fit him better, and Fern is the mom.

We would be honored if you gave one of these babies a home. Which one are you leaning towards?Or do you just want to come and visit and see them for yourself? They all have great personalities.
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Thanks Hissy, that clears things up!

Now I have a problem though (what's new?)
I was struggling between Ash and Massey, but both are boys. I have no problem with male cats, but my cats are both female, and I'm hesitant to bring a male into the hoouse.

I've only had 1 male cat, and he was an outdoor cat. My fear is this...I've heard horror stories of male cats spraying, even after neutering.

Whats the real scoop on this? With all the cat experts here I'm confident I'll get good, honest advice!

After hearing what everyone has to say, I can better decide.
I'm most comfortable seeing the kitties though, that way I can see what their personalities are like, and who I "click" with!

This is gonna be tough!

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I have only males, and have never had a problem. Some people will tell you they are more lovable. I can't speak to that, as I haven't had a female to compare them to in the recent past. I wouldn't see where bringing a males in with 2 females would be a problem.
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