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Nakita and the Dog !!

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I take Nakita for walks each night in our backyard. But this weekend she encountered a dog!

Here's Nakita meeting the dog through the fence:

Right after that shot was taken, the dog ran along the fence and somehow managed to get into our yard!! Of course I was freaking, and the dog was running all over the place. Nakita jumped into the cedar trees and it looked like an act from a comedy skit. Fortunately, we got Nakita inside and the neighbours retrieved their dog. No harm was done, I just think the dog wanted a friend to romp with.

Within a couple of minutes, Nakita was back at the door wanting to go outside! My little fiesty 4.9 pound Nakita wanted to take on the dog who was enormous compared to her. I thought for sure she would have been traumatized by the event and would never go out again but she proved me wrong.

Here's another pic I took this weekend. My two babes asleep....awww....

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The pic of Nakita and Rob is just beautiful! That is so cute about the dog!
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Awww! I love that picture of the both of them sleeping... it's too precious!
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great pics, kass! go nakita -- you can get that dog!! LOL
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Cute picture!
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Aww there's little Nakita!! It's been way to long since I've seen her sweet face. Cute pics as always Kass!
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Awwww! Go get it Nakita we're all rootin' for ya! Cute pic of ya two babes as well!
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Get him, Nakita! You can take him anyday!
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Awww..... great pics!!!!!
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Nakita is such an exotic baby! She looks so at rest in his arms!
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Aww.... Go get em Nakita!! That 2nd pic is just too precious
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hey russian blue, your two babies are so adorable....
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Wow!! Nakita sure had an adventure!

I love that second picture...they both look so comfy!
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I just saw a google ad for dog fences!!!

Russian Blue, I swear I have fallen head over heels with Nakita, she was the one I voted for on the pictures, she is absolutely beautiful, graceful, exotic and very sweet looking!!!! So please continue posting pics of her!!!

My JB was the same way when we moved to a house with a backyard, he jumped my neighbors fence and encountered their german sheperd and little pudge, he managed to scratch the gs nose and then high-tailed it up the oak tree, about 30 feet up and stayed there from 7pm till 4:30 am, he never been in a tree let alone encounter a dog ever in his life. But he went back out there again after a few days, he ended up ripping his claws out completely from running up the tree which took about a week to heal, it healed pretty quickly. I wish I had taken pics of him with his cast, he had one on his right paw and one on his left back paw!!! It was hilarious!!!! Cats are pretty fiesty when it comes to meeting dogs.
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OMG, I would have freaked too! and I also love that picture of your babes!
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