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Diclofenac sucks big time!!! Shell maybe you can help???

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Ok, so I have to take this anti-inflammatory called Diclofenac. I just started taking them on Saturday. They are for my shoulders, I have supra spinatus tendinitis. So that's all fine. At first the side effect that I had was just being really really tired. I can handle that. So I was just sleeping a bit longer you know? Today I wake up and go for a pee at 7:50am, and after I get out of the biffy, I get these awful killer cramps. So I go to bed and get the heating pad out...yes in the middle of summer! And that didn't even help. I have spent the last 45 minutes running btwn the bathroom and doing something else...to keep my mind off of these stupid cramps. And I am really tired, and want to sleep some more, and I think other side effects are kicking in! Grrr.
Oh well I'm up now, I may as well stay up. Maybe I'll sleep some this afternoon.

These are the side effects of Diclofenac
Stomach upset, nausea, vomitting, bloating, gas, dizziness, drowsiness, bluerred vision, loss of appetite.

Right now, I think I just want to hurt again. I can handle that. But these side effects are awful!!!

Shell, any ideas as to what I can do for any of these side effects? I don't know if you can take other medication (ie Rolaids, Strawberry extract etc) with this diclofenac.

Thanks for letting me grouch about this medication here....
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I'm not Shell, but I would call the dr and tell him the side effects and that you can't handle them and ask if he has any advice. He will be glad to help you.

If they are too bad, he may take you off and try something else.

Been there, done that. Good luck and hope you get to feeling better soon. I know it is not fun to be sooooo uncomfortable.
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Thanks, I might do that. It is getting a bit better, and I'm still really tired, but as long as I'm doing something with my brain I think I'm going to be ok. Thanks again.
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What kind of cramps are you talking about? I'm assuming it's stomach cramps or are they period cramps? If so, are you taking food when you take the pills? That is really important because after a while of taking that stuff on a empty stomach, it will give you ulcers.

I agree that you probably need to chat with your Dr about this. Those pill just might be too harsh on your stomach and intestinal tract. There are some great pills on the market, but they are VERY expensive. The best ones out there now are called Celebrex, Vioxx and Bextra. They are about 3 bucks a pill though...unless you have insurance that covers them. Maybe you're Dr can get you set up with some samples too. The great thing about these 3 drugs is that they are proven not to upset your stomach or give you ulcers.

Have you changed anything else besides taking the med's? Have you ate something different?

As for taking Rolaids, it should be fine to take together. But I'm not sure about the Strawberry Extract...honestly I don't know what that is good for and have never heard of it. Better call your Doctor or you Pharmacist just in case, ok?
Hope you start feeling better soon and hope that this might help you!
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Thanks Shell,

It is stomach cramps, lower abdomen, they have subsided though, so I think I'm ok today. So far anyhow lol.

Yes, I am eating food when I take the pills. Usually after I eat breakfast or lunch....although today (1) I am not hungry (yet anyhow lol), and (2) I am waiting till after supper to take it.

I haven't eaten anything different. Or done anything different. I don't know. I'll see how I feel later on. It's just sitting in the Dr.'s office for about 2-3 hours isn't much fun. Maybe it was just a flu thing going around. There is one that most of the ppl I work with had just last week. I don't know much about it tho.

Strawberry Extract is this great medicine that works like Pepto-Bismal, and Immodium....it's like an anti-diarrheal medicine that works much better than those other ones. But I'm fine now, so I'll just leave it at that.

Thanks Shell, and Hermoine. I might check in later. Right now I am cleaning out my inboxes....fun job lol.
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I take bextra for my neck and it works well, only problem is sometimes it upsets my tummy.
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Kellye, make sure you eat with Bextra too.

I've tried Celebrex for my shoulders and it doesn't help a bit. But when I first was diagnosed with tendonitis in my shoulder, they gave me Relafen. That stuff worked awesome...but it gave me a HUGE ulcer in my stomach! It's always best to eat a meal when you take anti-inflammatory med's. They're are usually the roughest on your tummy!
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How's those cramps? Was it the flu or the med's?

Hope you're feeling better!
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I've ben on Celebrex, for 4 1/2 years and it works great for me: relieves the arthritis and doesn't tear up my GI tract.
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I'm on Diclofenac too, and I wholeheartedly agree, it sucks.

I was in a car crash last Thursday, where I was not allowed out of the car, but they cut the roof off and body-boarded me out. A fwe hours later in hospital, despite the fact, I can barely walk, the room was spinning violently and I have felt sick ever since, I was discharged with Whiplash and a compressed lumbar spine( thank God it wassn't anything else ! ). The next day I couldn't get out of bed, and the doctor prescribed that awful Diclofenac, Co-Dyramol, and 600mg Ibuprofen. A couple of days later I was given a tranquilliser and sleeping pills because of the night terrors of the accident. With the first prescription, I reminded him of my IBS, and was told it would all be ok. Ha! Talk about a flare up ! The Doc clearly knows nothing about medicines !

Anyway, what my pharmacist advised which has really calmed things down alot, is to eat something bulky, that will line the stomach, every hour to hour and a half, whilst on the pills.

I've not heard of Strawberry Extract, either. It sounds tasty though ! Where would you buy it and do you have any further information on it...ie can animals be treated with it ???

Hope you are feeling a whole lot better with your meds !!!

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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OMG! Glad to hear that you're ok! Sounds like one scary accident!

I'm not sure about the Strawberry extract...but I have heard about Grapefruit Seed Extract. Hissy is the guru about GSE! She's been taking it for several years now and hasn't had a cold or anything since. You can also give it to your cats when they are under the weather. PrincessPurr was just chatting about GSE the other day and how it helps with IBS. Double bonus for you! You might want to look in to it.

As for the Diclofenac, I'm surprised that your Dr had you take that & Ibuprofen. That could have really torn up your GI! Plus, sleeping pills can be hard on your tummy if you've got a sensitive one.

Good luck and hope you heal quickly!
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Shell, I'm doing much better now, thanks . I think maybe it was just a flu kind of thing. Thankfully it didn't last long, just that morning. It could have been a bit of nerves too, b/c my mom had to have surgery on her foot (nothing major, just a half hour procedure thing), but I don't know why it would bother me like that. I don't usually react that way with nerves.


I hope you are doing ok now! It is really hard to not be able to move. What is IBS? I don't know if I've ever heard of it. I find I'm pretty much ok, except for being really tired, like sleeping 10 hours. I won't complain tho. I go back to work next week, and then it will be back to my regular not enough hours to sleep schedule. lol

Strawberry extract is like pepto bismal/immodium etc. It is great stuff if you have diarrhea (Ick!) but it works wonderful. Take 1 tsp at the first signs (or whenever you can), and like once more to the bathroom, and then it's done! I'm glad someone thought of that medicine! It doesn't taste too bad, but it sure isn't strawberry tasting, really! lol That's ok, tho, b/c it works great, and I wouldn't take anything else!

I will try to find a site with some information on it. I don't know if it's safe to give kitties/animals or not. It's safe for ppl, but I don't know about little animals!

Well, today I cleaned my car - vacuuming, washed it inside, dusted it inside everything! And I can so tell. Today was the only day where I did something besides housework, and my shoulder hurt tonite. I've found with Diclofenac if you take it at night time, it is so much better. By the time it kicks in, you are ready to go to bed, and you can sleep through the night (although I'm told if you have kids, it doesn't work anyways lol ) but you wake up in the morning (granted you still don't want to get up, but you do!), and you aren't near as tired. So I've been doing that lately. Just a hint for you Sonia. I didn't have any other meds at the same time as this one. Although on my little "fact sheet" they give out, it says to tell your doc about any other meds you are taking. And if you are allergic to ibuprofen/advil etc. It didn't say anything about taking them together.

Well that's about all for this message tonite. Sorry it's so long! Hope you get better soon Sonia!
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IBS = Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
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Ahh....thanks Katl8e! I have heard of it, just never clicked that that's what it was.
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