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I'm back!!

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Tulsa was fun..the kids had a blast, but all I got to say is the next time we go on vacation, we are going with just our family...
we ended going with Steve's sister and well...it wasn' really a disatser, but she is the one made all the decisions of what we were all going to do and when and where, and Steve let her do it....I ketp my mouth shut till yesterday morning and he asked me what was wrong, and when I told him, he completely understood.....I was afraid he would get mad since it is his sister, but he didn't though...I tell you we will NEVER go with them again...

We ended up getting rained out yesterday at Big Splash yesterdat too,,we were there for maybe a good hour, and this huge storm cloud came over us and the wind started to blow so hard, you could have thought there was a tornado coming... Amber was freaking out and crying about it, and someone had stole our yellow matteresses too by the way..you know the ones you rent for $5,,we rented 3 and ended up with 1....
ohh well...overall..it was alright...but again, I will never ever go with any other family again like that.....It's good to be back..Looks like you all have been busy!
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Glad to see that you're back! I've been wondering where you were! Glad to hear that your vacation went well considering your company
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Pix! We want pictures!
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Welcome home!!!
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I am sorry to read about your sisterinlaw , that was really not nice of her . At least she could have ask what you all want to do . I am happy the vacation was not a total disaster . Glad you back save and sound .
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