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Hi Sam!! Loved looking at your pics, more, more!

See you all later, got to go clean up the kitty barf now, and run errands.
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Awwww! Superkitty have a nice day.. cleaning up *barf* ..lol

More Pictures! Somehow I can arrange that...

See Ya!
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OMG MA are you trying to give me a heart attack with that picture?? Gave me the willys just looking at it.
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That spider pic just about sent me flying outta my chair! The thought of that thing crawling around in my bed just make me want to puke. Sounds like you need an Orkin Man to swing by! But...with all those kitties, that's not very safe.

Kellye, I'm sorry to hear about your friend that was killed. That's so sad!
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Got that right Shell If I woke up and one of those things was crawling on me I would have a massive heart attack right then and there!
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Man! that spider freaked me out!!!!!
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the 11th of August already!! It is ll:31 p.m. in California. Hope you all had a good day. I have a serious case of arachnophobia and that spider did get my heart started. My furrhearts protect me from spiders because they relish them like candy. I don't see one often because of my mighty hunters. Thank goodness! NITE

P.S. The most horrible experience of my life was meeting a Cane Spider in Hawaii. Kid you NOT, 6 inches across. Almost did have the BIG one.
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Ugggg That spider pic!

* I think I'll hide in my cudboard bag, any one wanna join there's room for two! *

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