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Good Morning!

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I just hopped on here this morning to see what is going on before getting ready for work. After nursing 2 cups of coffee I am just about wired for the day.

Anywho, I hope you all have a great day!
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Thanks Blondie. I hope you do the same. I'm still waiting for the caffiene to kick in! One more cup would do it ......
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I am up earlier than usual- so good morning to you two! I am just now sitting down with a cup of coffee to start my day. I had a spider big enough to eat Manhatten on my pillow this morning! EEEK! Thanks to Taz the packratty cat! LOL Thank God the spider was D-E-A-D! But it was enough to bring me nightmares, so I got up and went to check on my horses- and I saw the most incredible full moon coming out of the storm clouds. Bright enough to light me and the horses up in it's illumination- and right next to it shining every so brightly was Mars. It was pretty cool, so I am ready for the day!
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eeeekkkkkk I hate spiders! They creep me out something awful.

What a glorious site you must have had this morning what with Mars and the Moon. Whenever I see something spectacular like that, it always makes me feel so small, and I learn to appreciate the vastness of our existence even more. I wish we could see Mars. It's so overcasted here.

BTW, How's Trav doing?
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Hard to tell in the harsh stable lights and with a flashlight, but I think he is better. I will know in 2 hours when there is actually light out there where I can see him! Thanks for asking-
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Good morning to you too!

Getting ready for my first day at the gym - we joined and I can't wait to get started! I'm pumped!

I hope I can find a personal trainer to help me get started on how to lose weight. Anyone have any tips?

Hissy - How is Traveler doing today?
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The coffee is kicking in and I've gotten my nicotine level up. The dogs had another dead bird, this morning. Now that my stomach's calmed down, I'm going to toast a bagel and get ready for work.
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I was up early, as I had to attend an appointment in Center City Philly at 8:30. Ugh. Nothing like the city at rush hour. At least it wasn't raining, so I had the top down coming home. Every day for the past week and a half, we have had the same weather: hot, humid and overcast all day, light rain at times, and sudden torrential downpour in mid to late afternoon. I am ready for some decent weather! I've been trying to see Mars, but it has been overcast every single night for the past 11 days!

Will be working from home the rest of the day. Can't hang out at TCS too much, I do have actual work to do.
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Hope everyone's having a great Monday! Mine has started off fairly well. I finally have 2 days off from work and I can finally let my body rest. I've worn myself down so much that now I've got a cold. What a great way to enjoy my days off, huh? I plan on doing as little as possible today...my body will thank me for that later!

MA...I about choked on my water when I read that you found a spider on your pillow! OMG...that would have sent me straight to the ceiling if I found that. Did you know that in your lifetime, you consume at least 8 spiders while you are sleeping? EEWWWW! That's just nasty!

Hope all is well with you guys and Happy Monday to you all!
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Originally posted by Shell
Did you know that in your lifetime, you consume at least 8 spiders while you are sleeping? EEWWWW! That's just nasty!
I could have gone the rest of my life without that little tidbit of info.
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Shell , what do you mean by cosume?????
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Shell, did you really have to tell us that we eat 8 spiders in our lifetimes????

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EEEWWWWW , you mean we eat them ? let me clean my mouth just in case
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Looks like it. That is ultra disgusting. I only hope that none of them were poisonous!!!!!!!!!!
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Sorry to gross you guys out! The thought of it sends chills down my spine! I always try to sleep on my stomach with my mouth shut...those little buggers are gonna have to work hard to get into my mouth!
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I just received news that a girl I know died last saturday. It looks as if she was drinking and driving.
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kellye - i am so sorry to hear that!! (((((hugs))))

just popped in here today to see what was new. have a good one, all!!

ps. ick @ the spiders. i hear that in an email once.
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Shell that sounds like an urban legend! LOL Where did you hear that? This was a wolf spider, and by golly it was huge! Freaked me out bad-

Thank God they are not poisonous!
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Wolf spiders are pretty.

I am trying to find out whether it is an urban legend - still researching
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Oh dear God!!!!!


*runs screaming from the room*

8 per year huh???? Ummm...... think I am going on a spider free diet. I can do without that added protein.

MA - that's one might big spider......
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I checked out the Snopes.com and it looks like it is a Legend. Here's the link:
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Shell, I found the link as well!

Thank god for that!

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Fear not. This "statistic" was not only made up out of whole cloth, it was invented as an example of the absurd things people will believe simply because they come across them on the Internet.
LOL!!!! Umm...I didn't believe it one bit. Honest.... *ahem*
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ROTF... well, i guess i can put the duct tape back. no need to tape my mouth shut while i sleep.
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I was thinking the same thing too Jan!
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Good afternoon to you all! Sorry I'm late but I've been a busy girl this morning! I hope everyone has a good day too! Mine is getting more interesting as it goes by!

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I missed the good mornings!! Can I jump in with Good Afternoon? How're all your day coming along?

Ewww, this thread was the first I saw coming on, I could have done without it! Some culprit, I don't know whom, left me a spider at the bedroom entrance this morning too. But it was a small one.
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Trade you spiders Superkitty?
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Good Morning Everyone!

I had the best night taking pictures of my furrbabies, I need to catch up only have 400ish!

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Gee, hissy, thanks so much for the generous offer, I think I'll pass, though.

Although Taz was nice enough to place yours on a pillow like a mint, mine didn't care enough

BTW, so glad to hear Traveler's is apparently bite/allergy-related, whew, but how's your technicolor chomp?
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